WMS implementation Case Study

Case Study: WMS Implementation

BAW Business Applications GmbH –  an Austrian Microsoft partner.

In 2019 BAW Business Applications GmbH was chosen by Meinhart Kabel Austria GmbH to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Meinhart Kabel Austria GmbH is an international company for cabling and equipment that distributes over 3,000 types of cables, rings, drums, spools, and others.


One of the most important and challenging aspects of the implementation was the Warehouse Management module. After the release of the new Dynamics 365 for Operations, some old features of the AX 2012 version were not ported or supported anymore. Besides, there was a requirement to implement massive extensions to WHS in order to provide improvements in managing setups (drums, rolls, rings) and dimensions with restrictions (position, weight, forklift, zone). That was a reason we had to implement numerous modifications from scratch. 

Our solutions:

Delivery notification functionality

Extended functionality was implemented to handle incoming deliveries of the warehouse more efficiently.

Warehouse control functionality

The smart design was developed to choose and assign forklifts in the warehouse via mobile

Location stocking limits

Custom filtering on warehouse location lookups was applied in our custom Delivery notifications

Picking exact quantity with location directives

The location directives were extended with the additional setup to handle whole pallets in the warehouse more efficiently.

Extend container location to container location group

The extended functionality of the warehouse management module was implemented to create work lines based on the choice of container group.

Product picking and putting in the WHS processes

Users can determine the location and receive additional information on a specific product using the warehouse mobile app.

Goals we have achieved

Our team has done a great job to implement several modifications from scratch without any risks. We made the process for the warehouse worker more flexible with the help of new delivery notification functionality. Our professionals extended and provided additional information on a target product for the users. Modifications made to determine a particular WMS Location to pick from or to put to.

We implemented a custom filtering on the location lookups and finding methods, which we also implemented on our custom-designed Delivery notifications.

During the course of implementation, the standard WHS solution has been customized and extended dramatically, and the main is that we’ve simplified it for users and even excluded several unnecessary steps/screens from there making the overall process intuitive.

Read the blog post about our experience on the BAW project.


  • Integrations
  • Dynamics 365
  • Dynamics AX 2012


Smart delivery notification functionality

The extended functionality with a new split flexible form allows workers of the warehouse to modify and confirm changes of incoming deliveries.

Modified warehouse control functionality

Now users can filter forklifts based on their capabilities and group them by customer data, using the app.  Besides, the system can assign a forklift based on the constraints.

The effortless and consistent reservation process

The extended item Search Feature was implemented for the process of the auto reservation according to the customer’s reservation hierarchy.