Turnkey Solutions

Code of solution Name of solutionDescription 


Bar coding in Axapta (Microsoft Dynamics AX)

Working with Microsoft Dynamics AX using Data Collection Terminals (DCT) and label printers. Integration with bar coding equipment.

Special services and menu items were developed for DCT. Also were developed:

  • Bar coding of finished goods
  • Bar coding of BOM components
  • Bar coding of pressing tool (snap)
  • Bar coding of staff
  • Bar coding of finished goods release operations
  • Bar coding of Warehouse operations
  • Bar coding of purchase and sales operations
  • Bar coding of inventory operations


Call-center and Axapta (Microsoft Dynamics AX) integration.

Optimization of Call-center (contact center). This integrated solution can significantly improve the efficiency of internal contact centers.

Key features:

  • Opening of the customer card (business relation, contact person) during an incoming call
  • The system of prompts for the operator (the script of call)
  • Random surveys of clients and partners with the accumulation of knowledge about them (for example, a survey of satisfaction with the service)
  • Automated telephone calls of customers and partners in the call list
  • Storage of calls, special reports on statistics of calls
  • SMS-mailing on the basis of contacts

Integration through TAPI and SIP.


Integration with cash registers

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX with cash registers (without using AX for Retail). Automatic creation and posting of documents  in Microsoft Dynamics AX for operations in POS-terminal.


Integration with catalogs of spare parts TecDoc

Import of specifications, changes, or analogs of spare parts by the direct request of Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A powerful tool for working with data and customers.

Integrated applications: Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX.

  • Automatic error messages to e-mail;
  • Send messages and transactions in XML format;
  • WEB Services used as the primary mechanism for transferring data.


Treasury module

Development of a new module for the needs of the Treasury:

  • Payments planning;
  • Creation and agreement of payment requests;
  • Budgets and budgetary control;
  • Templates of integration with client-bank.


Task and assignments module

Reliable module for managing tasks and assignments, organizing collective arrangements and events, electronic requests.

All necessary features for managing tasks:

  • Assign responsibility and observers;
  • Monitoring tasks;
  • File Attachments.


Modification of workflow (WF for AX2009)

Key features:

  • Wizard for creating workflow project  for all forms;
  • Choice of agreement route before sending in workflow;
  • Additional mechanisms of agreement (for example, a request for information);
  • A report on the agreement;
  • Approval of contracts, payment requests, and other required documents.


Managing the production on client’s requests

This development includes the optimization of the following processes:

  • Request from the client (and the process of its agreement);
  • Creation of specifications according to customer’s order;
  • Planning of production and purchasing;
  • The estimation of the execution of the order;
  • Assessment of the planned cost and cost control;
  • Efficient management of production;
  • Shipment of the order to the customer.


Dimension management on inventory journals

Managing dimensions on journal's lines from the header. Updating of reports on inventory journals.



Analogs and replacement

The implementation of mechanism for analogs and modification of  mechanism for  replacements. Replacements accounting in planning (special form).



Enhancement of pool’s functionality

Used for sales orders, purchase orders, inventory journals and production orders. Includes a set of default values ​​and control of dimensions (or other fields). For example, in the case of transfers to recycling or commission trade.



Compare versions of the specifications and routes

The possibility of comparing items of the BOM versions (add \ delete lines) and operations in versions of routes.



Financial reports

To create and configure a variety of financial reports based on the turnover on the ledger accounts in the context of the dimensions, with the ability to go to the turnover source using technology Drill-Down (falling through to detailed data).