Microsoft Dynamics Consultant Role in the Big Scale of Business

MS Dynamics Consultant Role
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Any ambitious, profitable modern business needs a dedicated ERP system to provide smooth, fast, and convenient services. And the ERP system must be maintained properly by a profiled expert. That’s why specialists like MS Dynamics consultants are in such high demand right now.

The consultant establishes and describes current processes, clarifies the needs of the customer and his clients, identifies bottlenecks, and develops a design solution. With over a billion people all over the world using various interconnected Microsoft solutions, related experts from the UK and Europe alone generate about 12% of revenue growth to the corporation.

What MS Dynamics Consultants Do

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An MS Dynamics AX/365 consultant is a universal soldier whose arsenal includes not only masterly computer skills and thorough knowledge of the system. The expert possesses skills of public speaking, teaching, deeply understands industry specifics, knows English well, understands the basics of project management and psychology, owns methods for optimizing business processes, and has analytical skills.

According to i-Neti specialist Anton S., “the main task of the Dynamics AX consultant is the most efficient transfer of business processes to the ERP system, definition and formulation of system requirements. Such a specialist thoroughly studies all current processes and proposes a configuration that will ensure their maximum automation. Hence the high requirements for such employees.”

The major responsibilities of a usual Dynamics AX consultant:

  • participation in client negotiations;
  • collection and registration of customer requirements;
  • research of the state of business processes and information support before creating a project;
  • development and coordination of decision making;
  • translating requirements from key users into functional design documents;
  • testing the development before sending to the key users for acceptance;
  • reporting.

When hiring a specialist, you need to make sure of his/her capabilities. It is important to pay attention to their expertise exactly in the Dynamics ERP system – AX or 365 Finance and Operations.

How a Good Microsoft Dynamics Consultant Resume Looks Like

Dynamics 365 consultant’s long list of responsibilities includes implementing and debugging a planning system. The work of a specialist is to create, change, and maintain the company’s information systems, automate accounting, analysis, control, planning, sales of goods, etc. 

The major requirements include:

  • least 10-years experience of work as a Dynamics AX/365 consultant;
  • Participation in projects to modernize MS Dynamics 365/AX;
  • Knowledge of the functionality and architecture of the system;
  • Higher education (technical or economic);
  • Positivity, proactivity, high motivation, and attention to detail;
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, multitasking, responsibility, willingness to learn;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • English proficiency level Intermediate and above.
  • Business and application consulting;
  • Analysis and definition of user requirements;
  • Analysis of discrepancies;
  • Development of documentation (BRD, FDD, Test case, User guides);
  • Knowledge and skills of project management;
  • Basic knowledge of programming;
  • Conducting presentations and exhibitions;
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of production management, inventory management, costs, purchases, sales, project management.

A good Dynamics AX consultant must have a good understanding of information systems, ERP implementation methodology, database systems, and the basics of information security. He/she should be familiar with accounting, taxing, financial and management reporting, as well as know the basics of management as a whole and be able to read project documentation.

The scope of responsibility may shock, but there are such professionals in existence. For example, at i-Neti, a Dynamics 365 consultant has an average experience of 15 years. And we are willing to offer reasonably-priced services amidst all the coronavirus pandemic commotion.

The Nuances of Working During COVID-19 Pandemic

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The business must be flexible and adaptable to the global situation. In a pandemic, the weakest part of any system is its personnel. Remote work complicates the planning of business processes and only a competent Dynamics AX consultant can help out here. To keep costs down, more companies are outsourcing and hiring remote consultants.

For small improvements, small projects that don’t carry a big risk to the system can hire a remote consultant – modern communications make it possible to cooperate remotely and deliver the solution to the client.

If the project is of medium/large scale (implementation of the system from scratch or major improvements to the existing platform), then you will need an expert’s presence at the launch (at this moment, you need a lot of involvement), the discovery stage itself, since there are many questions for discussion, and in the middle for approvals.

With a rigorous plan and close collaboration with your service provider, you can adapt to global isolation and continue to profit. By integrating outsourcing services with your company, you can outsource some tasks and ensure business continuity.

When it comes to skills, it can be difficult to find and hire the most fitting expert. Outsourcing providers have access to a wide range of talent and can provide a needed specialist much faster. In the office, employees use pre-approved secure devices to keep confidential information safe.

But there is always the risk of losing files, reports, or documents when your team is working from home. The data can’t be fully immune to viruses or hacker attacks. For support and safety, it is better to hire a professional third-party team.

Bottom Line

If you’ve decided it’s time to move forward and expand your customer base, don’t waste a minute and hire a Dynamics 365 consultant for your business! And don’t forget, i-Neti is at the forefront of outstaffing in this area.

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