How to Find Great Dynamics 365 Developers

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Metro Bank, Siemens, Henkel. What do those famous brands have in common? Except for the fact they are well known and successful, all three giants use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to automate their processes. The demand for MS Dynamics products is showing continuous and rapid growth. Large and medium companies strive to find Dynamics 365 developers to optimize business processes and benefit from automation.

The customer base of one of the most popular MS Dynamics 365 products has grown 3X since 2016. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations has now more than 2.1 thousand enterprise clients and around 100 thousand active monthly users. The trend highlights – Dynamics 365 products bring real value to enterprise customers.

In this article, we’ll discover how to hire great Dynamics 365 developers to take your business to a brand new level. We will lead you through the process, from defining relevant search criteria to a step-by-step search plan, and interview with a developer.

A quick intro to the MS Dynamics world

Many Microsoft solutions have found new lives under the Dynamics 365 umbrella. Let’s understand the terminology so you won’t be confused with job titles when searching for Dynamics developers. 

The previously familiar Dynamics AX had first become Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (Microsoft D365FO). Then, recently it has been divided into two separate applications: Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. 

This is why when looking for Dynamics 365 developers for hire you may stumble upon different job titles, such as MS Dynamics AX developer, MS Dynamics 365 developer or those who had experience with Microsoft D365FO. They all refer to Finance and Supply Chain Management products. Thus, all those titles can be applicable to your search.

Steps to find great MS Dynamics developers

To hire the right Dynamics 365 developer, start with defining your purpose for hiring Dynamics developers – which tasks the future developer will need to solve. This will help you specify search criteria for future candidates. The other key aspect is to decide whether you’d like to find freelance developers on your own or to turn to an outsourcing company. The complete searching process may contain even more steps.

Step 1. Define the purpose

Depending on your industry, company size and business needs, you may need to customize MS Dynamics to make its functionality cope with your specific tasks. NigelFrank in its annual survey has found that 64% of end-users implemented Dynamics to their organizations because of product functionality. With time, companies often require to extend their system functionality and develop new modifications tailored to fit current business needs.

More and more companies require upgrade services. Since Microsoft has announced that the mainstream support for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 will end in October, 2021, your organization might consider upgrading to the newest version of MS Dynamics system.

Another purpose to hire dynamics developer could be bug fixing. When something goes wrong with the ERP system, your business may suffer a lot. To prevent the disaster, it’d be wise to hire a great Dynamics developer for technical support. A specialist will cope with possible issues your ERP system may experience. 

At i-Neti, most common requests for Microsoft Dynamics development are system upgrades, integrations with third-party systems, modifications/change requests, ISV solutions development, testing, writing FDDs, 1st and 2nd line of support, and much more. If you aren’t sure what MS Dynamics functionality you need, we’ll be glad to give you a consultation.

Step 2. Choose freelance developers, in-house specialists or an outsourcing company

This is a very important aspect you need to consider before diving into your search. You may find many qualified freelance MS Dynamics AX developers on specific platforms such as Upwork, for example. While this type of cooperation could work for small businesses, hiring a freelance development team might not work for bigger companies.

When you need a complex solution for large or medium businesses, outsourcing companies or in-house professionals would be a better choice. An outsourcing development company has a pool of several developers and thus is more reliable. A freelance developer may decide to switch to another project at any time, go on vacation, or leave for other reasons. When you work with outsourcing or outstaffing companies, you can be sure in case your developer leaves or you are not satisfied with their job, the company will provide a new developer fairly quickly, so the work won’t stop or get delayed. 

Hiring in-house developers may be a good idea when you are sure you’ll have enough tasks for every workday. However, an in-house developer would be a more expensive option. You should be ready to get him on board and handle day-offs, sick leaves, medical insurance, maternity leaves, and holiday/vacation payments. 

hire developersStep 3. Define the cost of hiring a developer

When you determine the sum of money your company is ready to spend on Dynamics developers, you’ll know whom and where to search. Also, you’ll get an understanding of how many developers you may be able to afford to hire. 

It’s important to mention that development cost does not always correlate with product quality. Rates on MS Dynamics development can also vary depending on the contractor’s location. In Western Europe, for example, rates for MS Dynamics development would be much higher than in Russia, but this won’t affect the project’s quality. More information on cooperation with Russian developers you may find in the article Outsourcing to Russia: Stereotypes and Benefits. Additionally, development costs may vary based on cooperation types.

Average rates for different types of cooperation:

  • In-house developer: 40-70 Euros/Hour;
  • Freelance developer: 15-30 Euros/Hour;
  • Outsourcing companies: from 20-45 Euros/Hour in Russia to 70-100 Euros/Hour in Europe.

Step 4. Determine the necessary developers’ qualification level

It is highly important to choose the correct level of professionals for Dynamics development for the best cost-efficiency and quality of work. Senior-level developers and especially solution architects would be the most expensive on the market. They will deliver a high-quality solution in a shorter time. Yet, Middle Dynamics developers also have strong expertise while costing less. Junior developers, in their turn, can be a great fit for simple tasks. The choice should be based on the necessary skill set and your project tasks. To help you understand which developers to look for, we have prepared a developers’ level overview so you could define which level would be the best fit for you.
developer levels

Levels of Dynamics developers and tasks they can solve:

Junior Dynamics Developer
  • Dynamics development based on a detailed task formulation using suggested tools
  • Works with a limited set of modules and technologies
  • Can provide testing only within the proposed scenario 
  • Junior level development requires code review by a more experienced programmer

Task level: tables, simple forms, reports, and classes within the module.

Middle Dynamics Developer
  • Dynamics development based on a detailed task formulation
  • Able to choose development tools by themselves
  • Works with a large range of modules and technologies
  • Can give the working code for testing within the task formulation
  • Able to work without a code review on small projects

Task level: tables, forms, reports, and classes within different modules, integrations.

Senior Dynamics Developer
  • Dynamics development based on a detailed task formulation with business requirements
  • Able to use a wide range of modules and related technologies. A senior-level developer can provide recommendations on technologies to use
  • A senior-level developer delivers high programming culture/code quality
  • Can test his own code and related functionality, even if it is not described
  • A senior-level developer corrects (or points to) others’ mistakes he may find while working on a task.

Task level: tables, forms, frameworks for replication of typical reports, handlers, integrations. Administration and deployment management of integrated solutions components.

Solution Architect
  • Can optimize business requirements and solution architecture
  • Has a wide range of cutting-edge development and integration tools knowledge. Has a deep understanding of the capabilities of related systems that can be used to solve a business problem
  • Able to execute high-quality code
  • Able to organize integration and load testing

Task level: frameworks for replication of standard reports, handlers, integrations, prototypes of new modules and data structures. Conscious management of executors in the field of administration and deployment component of integrated solutions.

Step 5. Get prepared for the interview

Interviewing potential candidates can be a challenging task. Your list of questions to a potential candidate may contain:

  • Developer’s level, years of expertise and a portfolio of relevant projects.
  • Willingness to give you an explanation on project time estimation and budget.
  • Flexibility and reliability. Make sure the contractor will work with you until the project is delivered, and be flexible enough to adjust to new requirements that may appear during work.
  • Professional awards, certificates and clients’ testimonials.
  • Organizational aspects. Ask how you’ll get reports of completed tasks and other supporting documentation.
  • Candidate’s readiness to work in your time zone and English level.

Do your homework. Do not rely on a conversation only. Look through a developer’s portfolio before the interview. Make sure the specialist has worked with customers of size and industry similar to your business. Check if a specialist has use cases of MS Dynamics 365 customization or previous experience of other tasks you are interested in. If you are going to hire developers from an outsourcing company, check if there are positive customers’ testimonials that support success stories on the company’s website. For example, here’s a testimonial that supports the case study of one of i-Neti’s customers:

Testimonial of Microsoft Dynamics AX support for Luciano

Step 6. Decide on the best place to look for a Dynamics developer

Simply type in the search line – Dynamics 365 developers for hire  – you’ll see dozens of offers. To choose the best specialist amongst a list of promising developers can be quite a complex task. However, to solve your business needs and cope with challenges, you do need skilled professionals.

Where to look for MS Dynamics AX developers to choose the best one amongst the crowd? This is a topic that needs special attention.

Where to look for MS Dynamics AX developers?


One of the common ways to find a freelance contractor or an outsourcing company would be referrals. If your friends, colleagues or partners have ever cooperated with Microsoft Dynamics developers they may provide you with contacts. Yet, it’s not necessarily that a developer who was a good fit for your colleague would work well for your business.

Job boards and freelance marketplaces

Freelance platforms, hiring marketplaces, and job boards gather dozens of freelance developers from beginner to senior qualification. If you know well what candidate you need, and have formed all the requirements for your future MS Dynamics development project, then go right ahead and make a list of candidates that match your rates expectations and experience level. 


Industry developer conferences and meetups gather many professionals as well as business owners. Look through the Dynamics 365 event calendar in your region. Attending relevant upcoming events would be a good idea. However, you should be ready to hear and analyze tons of technical information and details as industry conferences usually gather technical guys more than non-technical entrepreneurs.
find dynamics dev team

IT development companies

IT development companies that offer outsourcing or outstaffing services can make your life much easier. It is a great place to find Microsoft Dynamics developers for hire, especially when you are not sure which skill set you particularly need or when you require a flexible approach. Outsourcing companies have many developers of different levels aboard and have access to a great talent pool at their development centers’ locations. They can organize a simple straight-forward process of expanding the team.

To find a good IT outsourcing company, you can use websites like Upwork,, Goodfirms, etc. that have accounts of outsourcing development companies and include proven customer reviews that might be helpful in the choice of the best contractor. 

Other resources that might be quite useful are LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, GitHub, Medium, Quora, Facebook, and even Twitter. Usually, companies have accounts on the mentioned websites. When searching Dynamics AX developers for hire through those websites try to analyze content. Check if there are relevant articles, updates, and portfolios on the company’s page and profile.

Summary on How to Hire Great MS Dynamics Developers

To find great MS Dynamics developers you should consider many options. Understanding the purpose of hiring Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer is already a 50% success. Another important part is to decide where to search, and whom to hire – a freelance developer or an outsourcing company.

A clear understanding of your business needs will help you go through the hiring process step-by-step. Remember to check portfolio, testimonials, technology stack and experience of your potential Dynamics developer. Ask your colleagues for references, and check the websites mentioned above. Try gathering as much information as you can about your potential Dynamics developer or an outsourcing/outstaffing company.

At i-Neti we have a strong experience of working with enterprise and medium businesses. Our expertise in MS Dynamics development and the number of senior-level specialists allows us to quickly get involved into your project. English-speaking managers will help make the communication process easy and clear while skilled MS Dynamics 365 developers will adjust to your demands and business nuances.

Need assistance with hiring MS Dynamics developers? Feel free to reach out to i-Neti through our contact form or email us at We’ll be glad to lead you through the Dynamics world and assist with hiring the development team.

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