Case Study: i-Neti Helps BAW to Modernize the ERP System of a Major Cable Reseller

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Category: Stories Post Date: 18.08.2020

i-Neti experts help modify and extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for Meinhart Kabel Austria GmbH – a major company for cabling and equipment in Austria. 

BAW Business Applications GmbH – an Austrian Microsoft partner, set out to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations on behalf of their client Meinhart Kabel Austria GmbH. BAW already had a team of consultants and developers but identified that the work involved in such an implementation required additional development power.


One of the most important and challenging aspects of the implementation was the Warehouse Management module. After the new release, some old features of the previous AX2012 version were not ported or supported anymore. Besides, there was a requirement to implement massive extensions to WHS in order to provide improvements in managing setups (drums, rolls, rings) and dimensions with restrictions (position, weight, forklift, zone). This was a reason we had to implement several modifications from scratch.



Our developers completed a number of tasks to integrate the necessary functionality and adapt the ERP system to existing business needs.

Project Tasks:

  1. Modification of warehouse control functionality to keep the master data about forklifts and integrate this information into the mobile device.
  2. Smart design for delivery notification functionality to handle the purchase order for incoming deliveries. The splitting functionality is used to split purchase lines into smaller or bigger portions of product amounts, based on the product dimension to make the process for the warehouse worker more flexible.
  3. Implemented a custom solution to start up production and to report it as finished by scanning the serial numbers of a product.
  4. The WHS processes of picking and putting were extended using the WHS App, providing additional information on a target product to the user. Modifications were made to determine a particular WMS Location to pick from or to put to.
  5. The process of purchase receiving in the WHS App was customized and extended considerably, since the customer wanted to receive in the WHS App similar to that in D365. The process for users was simplified and even excluded several unnecessary steps/screens, making the overall process intuitive.
  6. Extended the location directives with an additional setup that allows warehouse workers to save a lot of time in the warehouse, handling pallets more efficiently.
  7. A custom filtering on the location by such custom barrel item validations as the valid container types, stocking limits, etc.
  8. The extended Item search feature was added for items on new sales order lines. This keeps the reservation effortless and consistent.
  9. We had a requirement from the client that some old dimensions should be stored and can’t be overwritten when pick location or license plates are used via mobile forms in WHS module. For this purpose, a new logic was implemented to store the old dimension to save in other fields for warehouse entities.
  10. The extended functionality of the warehouse module for work lines allows creating only one setting in the system instead of multiple records.
  11. Added customized disclaimers to all SCM reports. Depending on a specific customer or vendor, it has been automatically added to previously set up disclaimers.
  12. Custom reporting was implemented together with the new functionality. One of these reports was the “Take over receipt”, which is based on the delivery notifications functionality.

Project results

As a result of the project, the standard WHS solution was significantly extended and modernized. New features allowed to simplify usage of the system for end-users and even exclude several unnecessary steps from the workflow, making the overall process more intuitive. The modernization allowed to make the warehouse operation more consistent and efficient, enabling warehouse workers to save time and effort.

Read the BAW case study to learn more about the project.

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