Dynamics NAV development


You can depend on us like your own staff!

Outsource your Microsoft Dynamics NAV development to Neti.

We employ 5 NAV developers, each with over 7 years of experience. We're always online. We always meet deadlines. Our customers confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

Always Connected

Neti are always available to their customers!


The security of your project is paramount!


Developers are available via several forms of communication: email, telephone, fax and Skype. You can always contact the allocated developer or project manager, the head of the development team, the head of production, or even the project director. Benefit from round-the-clock communication as an allocated member of the Neti team updates you on the progress of your project.


We follow Confidentiality Agreement terms very strictly. Each employee signs an additional company Confidentiality Agreement when they are employed by Neti.



On Time Delivery

We give accurate estimates and meet deadlines as promised!

Competitive Prices

Jaw-dropping value!


Neti believe in total transparency throughout the development process – whether providing you with pricing quotes, assessment of timeframes or when explaining the complexities of the code itself. Neti have never failed to deliver a finished project on time. This is thanks to our excellent teamwork, intuitive project management and directory of developers – there is always the option of recruiting extra developers if a job requires them.



Our flexible rates enable customers to choose the option they require. We offer discounts for larger projects.

No advance payments. The payment is only after accepting the results.

Neti accepts all forms of payment, for your convenience.

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Neti is already trusted by over 100 international companies

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