Evgeny Nikitin

Evgeny Nikitin The head of the project office of "Intelkom", intel-kom.ru

The company "Intelkom" said Neti not only as a competent company capable of solving the task of developing the platform 1C, whose assistance may be needed to solve large-scale problems in promotional projects, but first and foremost as a reliable and trusted partner!


First of all I wanted to say, that was pleasantly surprised, that LS NAV said something to you (to Rafael) and that he was able to work with it. Secondly, I like your attitude. I think, it's one...

Customer is very satisfied with both Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers work, so it was perfect feedback. And it also mean they will try to take the opportunity to find work more long term

Many thanks for the work of Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers