Rakhmatullin Ildar

Rakhmatullin Ildar Finance Director UIA FC "Rubin", rubin-kazan.ru

"Neti provided the highest-quality maintenance of our systems. Their work was efficient, stable and did not interrupt the operation of our company in any way. Rubin expresses gratitude to Neti for participating in introduction of our new corporate systems and the sensitive approach they used towards us as a customer – great service.

We have seen from experience that the introduction of our company has been possible only through the years of experience of Neti experts in the field, and their professionalism."

The company's specialists have trained neti instructions and developed so that the staff of our company easily mastered software. Currently, financial and tax accounting, and financial planning and control of expenditure of funds carried out only with the help of this system.

Only high-quality and regular maintenance of the system by LLC "Neti" failed to provide an efficient, stable and uninterrupted operation of our company.

During the whole time collaboration service quality was high, we always receive timely expert help from professionals. It is worth noting responsibilities of neti with any questions and a willingness to offer technically competent solution, to consult and help you eliminate errors in the process.

Pleased to note that all the system updates occur in a timely manner that allows time to build the correct reporting and reduce the tax risks of our Company.

We hope and plan to continue to successfully develop the already established business relationship. We wish you and your company's new developments, interesting projects, and financial well-being!


First of all I wanted to say, that was pleasantly surprised, that LS NAV said something to you (to Rafael) and that he was able to work with it. Secondly, I like your attitude. I think, it's one...

Customer is very satisfied with both Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers work, so it was perfect feedback. And it also mean they will try to take the opportunity to find work more long term

Many thanks for the work of Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers