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Dynamics AX in Professional Services / FTS

FTS — an international consulting company in the IT industry

FTS has their headquarters in Holland with branches in Russia, Poland, Bulgaria and Ukraine. They specialise in CRM, ERP, financial and management accounting, logistics management and sales, and e-commerce. They implement and support financial and management information systems.

Problem Statement

One of FTS’s clients had implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 in addition to ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0. The question of a single datapoint came up, as double data entry was not possible.

Solution on 2 systems integration must be able to:

  • Exchange information about clients and contracts
  • Update currency records in time
  • Keep sales manager’s catalogue

Why choose i-Neti?

Fluent in English

Broad experience in extended technologies from Microsoft and other providers

Ability to solve complex and sophisticated tasks in Dynamics NAV

Proven experience in patchwork systems integration

Ability to adjust to the end customer’s schedule

Dynamics AX in FTS

i-Neti’s specialists thoroughly investigated the integrability of the 2 systems and analysed the various experiences of a number of companies. In the end, we made a choice in favour of a standardised solution from Microsoft — Connector for Microsoft Dynamics.

Its great virtue is scalability with the help of plugins (development of which requires the knowledge of C# and Visual Studio). The client approved the development of a new plugin, which allows to exchange XML-files between 2 systems online. In addition, a deployment of entry-exit point data by means of built-in development capabilities was required from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

During the course of implementation, there was a systematic adjustment and clarification of complicated and specific points. As a result, the interacting process with the project team on the client’s side was aligned and development was significantly sped up.


  • Integrations
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Dynamics NAV

We really appreciate the job you’ve done for us and are thankful for the successful closing of all the tasks, especially the integration of CRM-NAV, which took most of your time. It was extremely valuable to us that you managed to research and develop this connection between the two MS programs. The cooperation with our team was excellent and we appreciate this also. I wish you more successful projects!

Todor Kanchev

Todor KanchevProduct Manager - FTS


Instead of the planned 2 months, the project was completed 3x faster — only in 3 weeks! i-Neti had assigned only 1 developer to the project.
Client received all ready and fully functioning integration solution between Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.
Nowadays, more than 100 NAV 5.0 users in 6 countries of Central and Eastern Europe are operating on this solution from i-Neti.