Short on PHP developers?

i-Neti can provide dedicated developers & development teams
to work with you throughout the development cycle and help
you achieve your business goals.

High quality development services using the latest tools and frameworks to create and implement
dynamic web applications and ecommerce solutions.

Core Services

Query Optimisation

We can create queries for ORM systems & optimise complex queries for databases to significantly speed up query execution times.


We can integrate between online stores and third-party systems such as Google Tag Manager, Yahoo, Dynamics AX, 1C, and much more.

Social Applications

We can work with all social applications including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube to create and optimise news feeds, messaging systems, user info systems, and more.

Why i-Neti?

PHP Proficiency

Our PHP developers are proficient in pure PHP as well as popular PHP frameworks including Symfony, Yii, Magento, Laravel, Zend & Bitrix.

Absolute Quality

As most of our clients are company’s integrators who can always determine the quality of our work, we’ve learnt to provide only the best in development and support services.

Ultimate Flexibility

Being a major development center, we offer fast mobilisation & flexible engagement options by being able to dedicate a single developer or even a remote team depending on the tasks in your project.

Always Connected

Our developers are available round-the-clock via email, telephone & Skype to answer questions, take requests and provide updates on the progress of your project.

Experienced Developers

All our developers are highly skilled in HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, JQuery & Bootstrap, and can create complex requests for data with minimal load on both the server and bandwidth.

Client Oriented

We are constantly taking client feedback on board during a task or project and are quick to take necessary action to correct processes as much as possible.

Engagement Options

In order to ensure that your partnership with i-Neti perfectly matches the needs of your organisation,
we offer two flexible options for engagement.

Full time



If your project has a lot of tasks and you would like to communicate with the developer directly.

If a task is limited to 2 weeks, then the best arrangement would be task-by-task work.

How does it work?

You tell us what developers you need and based on your project requirements, we allocate a single developer or put together a team of developers for an agreed amount of time. The developer or team of developers will be under your full control and will work on a full-time basis (8 hrs/day).

You provide us with the technical specifications (written or oral description) for each task. We then assemble a team of consultants and developers for your pool of tasks. We take it upon us to control the entire process and will deliver your completed tasks on time and within budget.

For who?

We outsource full-time developers to major companies with developed IT infrastructure and also with integrators (franchisees & partner-vendors). As a rule, these companies have their own analytics or architects of information systems which makes it possible to specify and estimate tasks more precisely.

Ideal for major companies that are using websites and applications based on PHP & frameworks built on them. Also for integrators who would like to extend or reinforce their team using external resources with fast mobilisation

Submit a request and get a 16-hour FREE trial period

We understand the importance of choosing the right vendor for your project. So why not try us out for free with small tasks first? We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the results!