Connect your Dynamics AX with branches operated on 1C

Connect your Dynamics AX
with branches operated on 1C

Do you have branches
in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazahstan, Moldova?

Go-live in one month

Two-sided data exchange

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Sergey Mazurkin, community leader
Of all the solutions, I've tested, Neti integration
AX and 1C solution is the most advanced

One advanced tool for everybody from NETI

For enterprise

Performance increase

Transactions or settlement data are entered into Dynamics 365 only – 1С documents are generated automatically.

Cut costs

The price of the module is low compared to creating such systems from scratch. No need of permanent support.


Satisfied by Customers from EU and Israel.

For users

Time saving

Data are entered in one system only (Dynamics 365 or 1С).

Reduction in discrepancies analysis expenses

The automated process allows to cut down significantly the number of mistakes resulting from manual data input.

Checking on the fly

Posting in AX with checking 1C rules. We've called it as "instant verification".

Benefits of the integration module Dynamics 365-1С

Ready to use instructions

There are documentations in English and Russian languages. Versions supported:  АХ 3.0, 4.0, 2009, 2012  and  1С 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3.

Rapid implementation

Integration module is a ready-made package software. One can be adjusted and launched by one person within 1-2 months. Easy and quick to customize if you need.

Low price 3.500 EUR

You'll get:
  • Module installation
  • Documentation
  • Training for AX admin

Several 1C configurations

1C systems have various configuration: for bookkeeping, logistic, trade, retail, production, ERP. We can connect any from them. Incredible feature - several configurations of 1C are supported together. Two-sided data exchange: export and import.

You are protected by law

The module has registered by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property. Patent № 2013616547. No third party can not lay claim to your module. It is implemented and operating in more than 30 worldwide and national companies from Germany, Finland, Spain, Russia.



Where does the integration adjustment take place and who can accomplish it?

Why do we need the integration module in general?

How can I estimate costs for adjusting?

How can we be sure that all the data get into 1С?

The module can integrate one AX with one 1C, cannot it? But what if besides one 1C Accounting we also have 1C Payroll and HRM or another configuration?

What data can be transmitted with the help of this module?

Will documents be automatically recorded as journal entries in 1C or not?

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