Bar coding in Axapta (Dynamics AX)

Bar coding that allows users?

  1. Bar coding increases accuracy;
  2. Bar coding reduces labor costs (min 2 times);
  3. Increases the speed of processing of documents;
  4. Increasing detail data for analysis;

What is the solution? Why does it quickly and successfully implemented?

We have implemented the work with ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) by TSD (data terminals) and it was the most flexible of the possible solutions.

Where you can use bar coding?

  1. Bar coding of finished goods;

  2. Barcodes BOM components (raw materials);

  3. Barcodes pressing tool (snap);

  4. Bar coding staff;

  5. Bar coding operations of finished products;

  6. Barcodes warehouse operations of finished goods;

  7. Barcodes warehouse operations purchased components.

Read about our experience in the blog "The typical solution for barcode"