We extend internal staff training

We have already published the Neti great service roadmap. One of itspoints is the increase of the performance quality, more than half of which depends on the employees’ qualification.

In December we introduced the the internal MS Dymanics AX staff training routine. The pioneer speaker was one of the most qualified Dynamics 365 developers in Neti. Not long ago the second instructor joined him. Two weeks ago we started a similar training in 1C.

- The questions, which occur to professionals, are difficult to answer using open sources and external trainings, - says Neti HR manager Ekaterina Esina. – The things our colleagues tell about and the way they deliver it are unique and extremelyeffective.

Internal training is held at the workplace. What are the advantages?

  • We know the instructor personally; he works side by side with other employees, which helps to master the material faster.
  • The information is presented a little at a time and consolidated in action.
  • You don’t have to waste time on travelling somewhere.

- Besides the plan of the company development in Neti we also implemented personal development plans for each employee, - adds Ekaterina. – Internal trainings help to raise qualification level. High qualification attracts clients. Satisfied clients mean new positive feedback and references, which directly influence the future of the company. We see the increase in trainings attendance. If employees are ready to spend their time and energy studying, in the end we all get a good outcome.

Work quality control reinforcement is the third point on the Neti’s great service roadmap. Among other points there are service accuracy increase and detailed focus on clients. Together they make up a company’s business goals plan for the nearest year.