What are our lives apart from job?

Some people believe that the main thing in their lives is their job. Long working hours, quick lunch breaks, and beaches in Turkey or Egypt twice a year. Many people live this way. Many, but fortunately not everyone.

Neti employees represent a bright exception to the rule. Do you know why?

The trick is that we know a secret. There are things in life which charge us positively, help look around cheerfully, inspire creativity, give us the feeling that we live a full life. These things are special for everyone, but they influence people around us. This way the atmosphere of harmonic and happy relationship is created. It is wonderful to share the things which inspire you.

Many of us have exciting hobbies. These hobbies can be a surprise for colleagues, who discussed only job matters before. 

This is our office manager Helen, for example. She is a strict IT girl with a charming smile from 9 to 18. The rest of the day she is a splendid confectioner who cooks delicious cupcakes. Her cupcakes are works of art and you can see them in Instagram together with 1246 subscribers. You need to queue 2 months in advance if you want to try these tasty cupcakes.




Another example is our Sergey. During his working hours he is an earnest professional, the head of Dynamics department and the operations director. But as soon as he is out in the countryside near a river, a rod appears in his hands from nowhere, and fish fresh from water is already in a bucket. How does he do it? All the colleagues in the office have been wondering for 5 years.









And this is Vladimir. Customers like his accuracy, professionalism and goodwill. We know him as a gifted personality: he sings and plays the guitar, he collects wolf statues, does scuba diving and windsurfing and goes skiing in winter.











Our outstanding Dax developer Rashit builds his country house himself. All the colleagues are watching the process and are happy with his success.
Our team consists of many interesting, creative, gifted personalities.
Join us! Here you can find many admirers and like-minded people.