Timofey’s Training in our Dynamics AX Circle

Category: News Post Date: 01.04.2019

In March, Timofey, a 13-year old student from Izhevsk in Russia had a one-day internship in our company.

He was the second member from the team that won the hack-a-thon at IT-camp “Innocamp” and followed in the footsteps of Camilla by choosing i-Neti from the IT-camp partners for his internship. Timofey said that he would like to engage himself in the development of ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Dynamics AX (DAX) is the product that is famous for its functionality. X++ is a programming language for this product. The syntax of the language is very similar to that of C#.

DAX covers the whole range of tasks in manufacturing, logistics, finance, warehousing, etc. The functionality contains all major legislative requirements and the team at DAX releases updates according to evolving rules several times per year.

The internship day started by giving Timofey a brief tour of our offices. Afterwards, we gathered with our colleagues in a meeting room and told him about i-Neti in more detail: the different directions within the company, how we predominantly interact and work remotely, etc.

Furthermore, Timofey got to know:

  • About our DAX direction: which companies we cooperate with; what tasks of clients we solve.
  • How the latest version D365FO differs from previous versions.
  • Who is part of the teams and how everyone works on projects remotely.

The day ended with a practical task. We suggested that Timofey tried to perform several simple programming tasks. It was needed to develop a small functionality based on a car guidebook and to add a car to a sales orders for determining a car of a transport company, plus delivering the order.

This is a unique project for us! We are glad that we can transfer our experience and knowledge to children and hope we can inspire them to pursue their dreams in the field of IT.

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