Road show in Russia and Europe

Category: News Post Date: 01.02.2018

December 2017 was rich with business trips and meetings. We visited Latvia, Moscow, St Petersburg and Bulgaria.

Meeting with a potential customer in Latvia

At the end of November we met our potential client, a large diary producer. We had an opportunity to tell about our experience and what we can offer.

The Meetings in Moscow and St Petersburg

There is nothing like personal meetings with customers 🙂  This time our guys got a lot of useful info (that is not always the case while communicating via Skype).

It was so pleasant to get words of appreciation  regarding our work in general and regarding certain colleagues. It motivates us a lot!

We reached a preliminary agreement on the scope of work of Dynamics AX development and maintenance for 2018. That allowed us to start planning the workload in December already.

European market

Our meetings in Bulgaria were scheduled for two days. The first one was with Team Vision – a  Dynamics NAV partner. The head of the company recommended us to take part in Mibuso conference, which gathers all the European NAV partners every year. We are planning to do it in 2018.

We had time to meet with Innexys. The company is looking for German- and French-speaking  Dynamics 365 developers. Unfortunately, we don’t have such employees yet. Our developers speak English only.

We had a productive communication with our current client – FTS company. Our partners are satisfied with our cooperation and are ready to go on working with us on  Dynamics 365, АХ 2009 and 2012.

We also met with Intelligent Systems, the largest  Dynamics partner in Bulgaria. Staff of 150 certified professionals there work with the whole range of Dynamics products: АХ, NAV, CRM. They have completed more than 350 projects.

What caught our attention is that all the Microsoft Dynamics partners in Bulgaria besides  Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM solutions use BI. The most popular BI solution is  QlikView. After this trip we started thinking about opening QlikView practice in Neti.

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