Modifications of Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality for a client from UAE

Category: News Post Date: 10.07.2019

The client of our partner, a wholesale distributor of FMCG in the UAE and Oman, assigned us with the task of refining standard Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 functionality. The company has a vast customer database, which includes large-scale retail chains and small neighborhood stores.

The client’s problem

Within the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 each customer’s card states the sum that limits monetary expenses – a credit limit for sales. If a client goes outside their limits, i.e. delays payment or buys goods at the cost exceeding the specified sum – the system will block further transactions on generation of orders and related documents.

To resume operations, managers had to call or write to sales representatives and several-days negotiations would ensue.

In short – the client didn’t want the work to stop with their clients in cases of credit overdraft.

Our solution

We have developed a workflow — an operating process with the help of which a manager can send to a responsible person a suggestion to approve a client’s order, even if their limit has been exceeded. If a person in charge approves the order, the program allows to create a purchase and draft all necessary documents. A person in charge can send the proposal for correction or reject it.

Result of work

After modification of standard functionality, the communication within the company enhanced — in case of disputed orders, the necessity to call or write disappeared. The only thing they need to do is to send a request to a manager. Approval of disputed orders now takes one day instead of three days. The workload of staff has decreased by 50 percent. Monitoring of a client’s credit score has improved as well.

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