Integration module Microsoft Dynamics AX and 1C

Category: News Post Date: 01.09.2021

The Microsoft Dynamics AX <-> 1C integration module, developed by Neti specialists, is currently being successfully used by several dozen companies in Russia and abroad. This module is relevant for those who use the 1C product in conjunction with the Microsoft Dynamics AX/FO product, for example, 1C for accounting, and the Microsoft product for operational and managerial accounting. The module allows you to eliminate double manual data entry, as well as to achieve consistency of information in both systems.

The product was marked by publication on a popular portal in the IT industry

Neti continues to develop this product and at the moment it has been updated to Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O version 10.0.21 and uses a 4096-bit license certificate for integration into customer systems.

We are pleased to announce that until September 31, 2021, our customers can purchase the integration module at the old price. And from October 01, 2021, the cost will increase: up to 700,000 rubles for Russian customers for a license that allows an unlimited number of Microsoft Dynamics AX/FO <-> 1C integrations within a single AX/FO installation. The cost of a similar license for non-residents will be set at €10,000.

If you have a project to integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX/FO and 1C in your plans, our experts will tell you how best to implement it. For more information, please contact our managers: Vladimir Trofimov (, Sagitova Asia (

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