i-Neti Transfers Knowledge to the Young Generation

Category: News Post Date: 05.12.2018

In the beginning of November, 2018, IT-camp «Innocamp» invited us to participate in their project. The project involved students taking part in a hack-a-thon, with the winners being awarded an invitation to a one-day internship at innovative IT-companies in Russia. We had not been engaged in such events before, but liked the idea very much and we agreed! We consider the transfer of knowledge to the emerging generation a very important mission.

One of the winners of the hack-a-thon was Camilla, a 16-year old student from the city of Kazan. After the presentation of awards, Camilla told us that she was most eager to learn about machine learning.

It was our pleasure to welcome Camilla to our Kazan office and spend the day with our team. It was an eventful day as we tried to squeeze in as much as possible during her short time with us.

We started by getting acquainted with the company. We told her a bit about who founded the company, our purpose, and how remote cooperation is organised. We showed her a couple of short videos about remote work and our annual corporate meeting.

Afterwards, Camilla got to know the machine learning team. The first part was devoted to basic concepts and fields of application of machine learning technologies, as well as the types of projects we are involved in at i-Neti.

Then, Lenar, our machine learning engineer, spoke about where he had received his specialised education, shared his first real experience and gave some advice to Camilla.

In addition to machine learning, Camilla also took interest in the role of project manager. We arranged a talk with Pavel, our active project manager, and he described the essence of his work and the way he communicates with clients and colleagues.

Ruslan, the co-founder of the company, demonstrated a machine learning exercise that can predict the survival rate of passengers aboard the «Titanic». Together with Camilla they tried to understand how to achieve the maximal accuracy of prediction.

To conclude her stay with us, together we summed up the results of the day, and Camilla shared her impressions about her experience. We very much hope that we were helpful and were able to provide her with some guidance for what she wants to do in her bright future ahead!

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