How to Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers from Eastern Europe

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In times of uncertainty, companies are looking for ways to cut operational costs and introduce new, efficient workflows. According to our experience, managers often find hiring remote developers to be a key strategy that allows them to easily scale their development capacity and simultaneously lower costs. Therefore, it may be wise to hire Microsoft Dynamics developers from Eastern Europe – a location that is well-known for its highly skilled talent and lower rates. But how to find a good developer? And how to make sure that the developer you are hiring is able to solve your tasks and provide high-quality service?

Let’s review the main ways to find MS Dynamics developers in Eastern Europe.

What Are Your Hiring Options?

Obviously you are looking to hire a highly qualified developer for as low an hourly rate as possible. For Western European companies, the work of a local, mid-level IT specialist will cost at least 70 euros per hour while a senior-level developer’s rate is about 100 euros per hour. Consequently, choosing to hire Microsoft Dynamics developers from Eastern Europe is almost certainly a more cost-effective solution.

There are several ways you can go about this:

  • Hire an in-house remote specialist for 40-70 euros per hour. However, are you able to provide the developer(s) with enough tasks to justify full-time employment?
  • Hire a freelancer for 15-30 euros per hour. This is a budget-friendly option, but there are risks associated with freelance employees which may greatly inconvenience you at the worst possible times.
  • Hire an outstaffing company where the services cost in the range of 35-50 euros per hour. In this case, you are guaranteed that all obligations will be fulfilled, and at an affordable price.

Therefore, the easiest way to find Microsoft Dynamics developers is to contact an IT outsourcing company that can source developers from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and other countries in Eastern Europe.

How to Choose an Outstaffing Company?

When choosing an outstaffing company, it is necessary to:

  • Check the company’s experience and portfolio. Make sure you assess the previous experience of the executing company and how long they have been in the market. A one-month or two-month-old firm may still do the job efficiently, but is it worth the potential risk? Finding a reliable company with solid experience is not an easy task, so it makes sense to choose among those who have been working steadily for more than two years. Additionally, it is important to read their case studies to understand the complexity of tasks their team is able to perform, as well as their industry expertise. Previous work experience on similar projects will definitely help to provide you a better result.

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  • Find testimonials. Locating and carefully analyzing work with previous customers will also help you evaluate the professionalism of an outsourcing company. We also recommend checking out reviews on platforms like Clutch to get honest feedback from real customers.
  • Get your project quoted. Usually, companies don’t plainly state their rates on their website, so we recommend selecting a couple of the best companies (as judged by their portfolio and testimonials) and then contacting each of them to get a personal quote for your project. Bear in mind that cheaper is not always better but knowing their rates will help identify vendors that can reasonably fit your budget.
  • Check their processes. The key to a successful project is a well-established project management process. Initial correspondence via email or telephone with a potential vendor speaks volumes about how readily they respond, whether or not they send materials as promised if they provide all requested information and so on. Additionally, it is important to figure out how they organize their work and how they ensure transparent communication.

The ‘best’ MS Dynamics development company in Eastern Europe would be one that provides transparent processes and clearly states what you can expect when cooperating with them. A diligent vendor will supply detailed information about the project timeline and how quickly they can provide you with suitable candidates. If you have a big project, give a trial task to several applicants – it may help you make the right choice.

How Much Does Microsoft Dynamics AX Outstaffing Service Cost?

Eastern European countries differ in their economic and political environment, which determines the living standards of the population in general – IT professionals are no exception. Accordingly, the average hourly rate varies:

  • Belarus – €25-38;
  • Bulgaria – €30-45;
  • Croatia – €22-43;
  • Czech Republic – €30-47;
  • Hungary – €35-45;
  • Poland – €40-50;
  • Romania – €23-40
  • Ukraine – €25-40;
  • Russia – €30-50.

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As you can see, the outstaffing of a top specialist with the best skillset is 3 times cheaper than in Western Europe and 4-8 times cheaper than in the USA.

Outsourcing to Russia

Russia is becoming one of the most attractive outsourcing destinations due to its convenient location that involves a variety of different time zones and large talent pool of developers.

Advantages of Russian outsourcing and outstaffing companies:

  • The stable economic and political situation in Russia provides a fairly high standard of living. Russian IT specialists mostly prefer to work in their homeland and are not looking for better conditions in the West, which makes them unlikely to leave your project for a different career opportunity.
  • Huge territory with many locations. Prices for the services of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers vary in different regions and megacities, which makes it possible to select a specialist with the necessary qualifications within the budget proposed by the customer.
  • Fluency in the English language. For example, every i-Neti developer that is qualified to work on foreign projects can read, write and speak English. Part of their job entails daily email correspondence and participating in calls with clients and their partners.

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We suggest checking out our guide on outsourcing to Russia for more information on the topic.

Outstaffing by i-Neti

We have provided MS dynamics development services for 9 years. During this time, we’ve completed over 100 projects for a variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, WMS, and logistics, among others. Our goal is to provide a flexible and cost-efficient service that helps improve workflows, significantly cut costs, and ultimately helps our customers grow. Among our benefits are:

  • quick project start (within days);
  • hiring additional employees without the need for expansion of staff;
  • being able to easily refuse or quickly replace an employee;
  • reduction of expenses for HR management, payroll, taxes, etc;
  • the flexibility of project processes, work hours, etc.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We can definitely find a format of work that suits your needs.

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