Eugene about his business trip to Spain

Category: News Post Date: 20.03.2018

All the first week from 7 to 19 I was in the office, there was no chance to see the town. I was fascinated by the weather and plenty of tangerine-trees, whose fruit is uneatable as people say.

On Friday the departure was planned later so I could appreciate the view from the window: neat houses and mountains covered in snow. Unfortunately photos do not convey the real impression at all.

On Saturday I had some time for sightseeing. I went to the center by tram. Since it runs 3 stations under the ground locals call their tram “the underground”. I walked along the streets of the downtown. I was very impressed. You can go along a 1-meter-wide street and suddenly find yourself on a square with a fountain in the center and with a café, or in a street market full of fruit and vegetables. You can have a cup of coffee and have some rest. You go on and take a turn and suddenly an ancient cathedral appears in front of you. In the most ancient district (Arabic district) there are lots of souvenir shops, spice and coffee shops. Houses vary in architecture. You can unexpectedly find yourself in Morocco.

So in the afternoon I reached the entrance to Alhambra and was surprised by a note: “Tickets sold out”. It turned out that the tourist flow is high, about 11000 people a day, and it is better to buy tickets online in advance. I had to turn around and walk to the town. I was tired, hungry, cold, but satisfied. In the first restaurant on my way I pounced on hot fragrant paella. That day I had walked 28 km by foot!

Next day I bought a ticket online and managed to get in Alhambra, but the weather was not good. I enjoyed the view from the mountain and took a couple of pictures. Then I had to recede as it started to rain.

Next weekend I rented a car and drove to the sea and further on to Gibraltar. When I left Granada it was +6, but near the sea in Malaga it was +21! I was not driving fast, slowing down from time to time and looking at the scenery. I liked toll motorways a lot – tunnels and bridges, great road cover, sometimes 6 lanes.

I reached Gibraltar and they issued me a 21-day-visa (a stamp in my passport), I listened to real English. Unfortunately a funicular railway did not work and I failed to get up the rock and see the Moroccan mountains from above (I saw them only while I was approaching Gibraltar).

That is all about my acquaintance with Spain. My work took all my time really. Then there was a long journey home, duty free and all kinds of routine things.

Speaking about the work itself – I helped to adjust Dynamics 365 FO, performed some development and customization. I was anxious a bit about the language barrier, as I am used to speaking English in everyday life, but hadn’t had experience of speaking English in business situations. The barrier disappeared on the first day. I didn’t have any choice.

I am happy that I got that experience!

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