i-Neti specialists have implemented integration between MS DAX and 1C for the kari network

Category: News Post Date: 07.06.2021

The integration module developed by i-Neti specialists made it possible to set up automatic data transfer between information systems within the shortest period of time.

Automated data transfer between Microsoft Dynamics AX and 1C is currently in high demand for many companies that use both accounting systems to support different business processes. The integration module, which is one of the most popular i-Neti products and is already being utilized by dozens of clients, allows you to solve this problem with a guaranteed level of reliability. Furthermore, this solution has become all the more vital within the framework of the tax monitoring project.

About the customer

KARI is an international retail chain and the leader of footwear market in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus. At the moment, the chain has more than 1,300 stores of kari, kari KIDS, kari HYPER in more than 550 cities, an online store kari.com with a wide geography of delivery and it continues to develop rapidly.


In 2020, Kari became one of the participants of the tax monitoring project, which replaces systematic on-site inspections with online interaction with tax authorities. This form of tax control should be much more effective and transparent. It is able to remove a significant part of the issues related to the work of a company with a large number of divisions and branches.

The accounting system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, which has been used since the company was founded, required sign ificant improvement to participate in the tax monitoring project. Therefore, management decided to use the Russian-developed solution 1C: “Holding Management”, which is fully suitable for solving the customer’s tasks and is initially ready for tax monitoring. But there was a need for an experienced contractor with a ready-made solution and expertise in the integration of information systems for the transition to 1C: “Holding Management”.


i-Neti has been providing maintenance and consulting services to Kari in the field of information systems support for several years.

The integration module, developed by i-Neti specialists and successfully used in a number of companies from different industries, fully meets the requirements for data transfer between MS DAX and 1C: “Holding Management” systems. Many years of experience and many completed projects were the key factor behind the client’s decision in choosing the i-Neti solution for the integration of MS DAX and 1C: “Holding Management” systems.

i-Neti specialists described the requirements and launched the implementation process after reviewing the existing business processes on the customer’s side. There were four i-Neti specialists working on the project, who compared and configured objects for integration between the MS DAX and 1C: “Holding Management” information systems.

To ensure the synchronous operation of the systems, i-Neti specialists set up a data transfer schedule, guaranteed the preservation of data integrity, copied directories from MS DAX to 1C: “Holding Management”, and also transferred data from various business processes.

“This is probably the first time we have encountered so many daily transactions that need to be integrated. Kari is a very large business system with a huge number of clients. At the start of the project, we did not expect that the data sources include so many systems and what a powerful and professional team supports and develops them. In addition to the implementation and development teams of DAX and 1C, we constantly interacted with the gurus of system administration and big data. And the most pleasant surprise was the extremely coordinated management of IT specialists and financial management services in conditions of almost round-the-clock work in different time zones. During the busiest periods of the project, releases were prepared for testing in Moscow in the evening, testing was conducted in Novosibirsk at night, the status was updated in Yekaterinburg in the early morning, and later on a work plan for the day was formed in Moscow in the morning. At Kari we are dealing with one of the best practices of organizing IT changes”, says Vladislav Somov, Director of the Microsoft Dynamics Division at i-Neti.

A feature of this application of the integration module is to provide aggregation of retail sales in 1C. Kari’s dynamically developing business and a variety of tools implemented in its own POS and E-Commerce solutions are integrated with DAX. Now this information is available in real time in 1C as well.

A separate stage of the project was the transfer and synchronization of the initial balances from MS DAX to 1C: “Holding Management”, which are necessary for the correct launch of the 1C: “Holding Management” system into commercial exploitation. Thus, with the support of Kari’s IT specialists and employees of financial departments, all categories of data were checked, as well as the 1C: Holding Management functionality, which uses the transferred data, was tested.


Thanks to the integration, all processes related to purchases, wholesale and retail sales, the operation of the online store and the returns of the goods, as well as warehouse movements were transferred to the 1C system.

Since January 1, 2021, the integration module has been operating as expected, which allows Kari to participate in the tax monitoring project.

“We have implemented a significant and comprehensive project. In addition to “Holding Management”, the big launch in early 2021 also included a payroll solution and rent accounting. We also improved treasury processes within the framework of this project. We work with a lot of contractors and choose the best ones in their field, but I would like to mention the unique service of i-Neti. They considered each change in the landscape of our systems with a holistic approach, striving to offer the most reliable ways of interaction of systems, and often integrated our large team in solving methodological issues of management and business accounting”, sums up the General Director of the company Kari Ivan Ustinov.

The integration module of Microsoft Dynamics and 1C systems has extensive capabilities and allows you to configure one-way or two-way synchronization of information with any frequency and through any data transmission channels, depending on the customer’s needs. The wide experience of i-Neti experts working with products of both lines and different versions allows you to quickly build a compliance between the objects of both information systems, creating a reliable environment for the smooth operation of specialists and support of business processes in any industry.

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