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Category: News Post Date: 01.07.2019

Last week, our colleagues attended a conference on conversational AI for business and developers in St. Petersburg, Russia.

“We decided to go to understand the trends and technologies in the chatbots market. We were surprised at how much technology has advanced. Voice robots are already almost indistinguishable from humans.

In some companies, for example, MegaFon and DPD, a robot consultant handles 70% of all incoming customer requests. According to MegaFon, only 3% of customers realize that they are communicating with a robot. A robot has even taken over the conversation in chat rooms, social networks, messengers, email and voice on the phone.

In MegaFon, the voice robot even sells additional services. Conversion of sales exceeded that of a real person by 1%! The robot already sells simple services better than humans. And this is just the beginning, what will happen next is even scary to think about. Millions of call center operators will be out of work in the next 5 years.” – Oleg Khalilov, CEO of i-Neti.








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