Case in Waste Management: Recycling Industry

Category: News Post Date: 25.06.2019

We have a long-term client who is an MS Partner and ISV-solution provider. As part of our cooperation, we provide them with a dedicated team of D365FO developers and consultants.

The client implemented a vertical solution for their customer in the recycling industry and utilizes our team for solution customization. A technical support project also runs in parallel where bug fixing is performed and new functionality constantly implemented.

DIXF framework and OData protocol are extensively used throughout the project for data exchange. For DIXF framework, numerous custom data entities are implemented and our developers perform their modifications, as well as create new entities. The OData protocol provides an access to the system externally, with multiple OData actions implemented within.

Business-events feature is also widely used in the project. Major events that occur in the solution are covered by business-events. They are then consumed from within the MS Flow.

Solution Customization

The features of the vertical solution that were developed and tested by our team include:

  1. Business Partner Maintenance

Ability to maintain business partners (customers & vendors). Each business partner has its own settings, contact information and default values used throughout the system. The way the user interacts with the “Business partners” form is quite similar to that applied to the standard “Party” form.

  1. Container Maintenance

It’s possible for the user to view a container’s on-hand information (e.g. dimensions, weight, contents, container type, ownership, etc.), associated container movements and a posting history.

  1. Contracts and Contract Quotations

Contract quotation is nothing more than just a contract draft. Once a contract quotation is confirmed, an associated contract is created that is very similar in details to the initial quotation.

Every contract and contract quotation is associated with some particular business partner, and a contract is an agreement with the business partner for a service, waste disposal, material shipment or material removal. Contract has an effective date.

There are lines user creates within the contract/contract quotation, describing terms of the contract. Each line has its own item identifier, quantity, price, delivery terms, storage dimensions, as well as financial dimensions.

Lines can contain a link to containers, which means that the particular material is going to be shipped/removed within the container specified.

  1. Work Orders

Once the contract is confirmed, an associated work order is created in the system, containing all or particular lines from the initial contract. A work order creation is accompanied with the related sales/purchase order creation, and this sales/purchase order contains lines from the contract as well.

Work order is shipped, and in a parallel an associated sales order is delivered as well as a purchase order is received.

It is possible to schedule a service, and the system will create work orders based on contracts on a regular basis.

  1. Hazardous Materials Maintenance

Classes of hazardous materials are applied to contracts. NFPA identifiers selection is available, as well as transport/health/physical/environmental hazard labels.

Applied to the waste removal, EWC, OECD, Basel, Y-Code and H-Code available.

These are then inherited into the work order.

Technical Support

In regards to technical support, bug fixing is performed as well as new functionality is constantly implemented. It is usually so that while implementing one particular functionality, code refactoring and system optimization is done by a particular developer to ensure that the overall system demonstrates a high level of performance.

While working on the project developers usually administered their own development boxes by themselves. They applied updates and hot-fixes, and dealt with database routines. Every developer has experience with an environment set up.

If you also have a project that requires a dedicated team of D365FO professionals, contact us and let us show you how we can help.

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