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Updated: 12.05.2017
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Many respectable sites (RBK, Cossa and others) tell us about business without an office experience in Russia and other countries. Employees start working remotely. Traffic jams, waking up early, rent expenses seem to be far away in the past.

We have been working this way since 2013. The number of employees has increased 4 times over the period. Our colleagues work and live in Sochi, Orenburg, Samara, Omsk, Ulan-Ude and other cities. In the next post we will tell you how we launched the remote work system and how it is working now. Today we post some ideas from RBK and Cossa we like most:

“… a director cannot handle all departments effectively as soon as he does not know the processes in every department in detail”

In March 2017 we started to implement holacracy in MS Dynamics AX development and support department. We would like to get rid of bureaucracy as well as other things which prevent effective workflow. We will tell you about intermediate results in our blog.

About CEO Flow strategy:

“We are looking for people having CEO potential, business abilities. You can see it in a CV – these people work for a company for about 2 years and then get promoted. We need specialists full of ideas, those moving upwards.”

CEO potential and business abilities are important for us. We appreciate when employees are willing to develop and grow together with the company. We calculated that employees stay in our company for 5 years on average. We appreciate long term cooperation, so we try to create sincere atmosphere from the beginning, and to implement job burnout preventing ideas. 

An open Q&A session takes place once a month and the founders answer employees’ questions online.

Every three months we have a Skype conference between management and stuff. Some people send questions in advance, some ask on the spot. Every employee can participate, there are no limits. Every opinion and question matters.

HR organizes random “coffee breaks” (there is such an in-build option in Slack). Two employees are informed that they are supposed to have a 15 minutes conversation about any topic except their job.

It’s an interesting idea, we’ll note it. Speaking about similar instruments, we have a game room and a corporate social network YAMMER. There are interest groups, where employees can communicate, swap photos and other materials during breaks.

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