Neti has implemented the integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX and 1C in the Customer from Germany

Updated: 25.10.2016
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The UWT GmbH company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of the equipment for measurement, detection and control of the filling level of any granular materials.

  Jens Fehrenbach  Project Manager, UWT GmbH


"We are happy to have choosen Neti for the interface between AX and 1C"

Business challenges of the customer:

  • The German company UWT does business in Russia, the Microsoft Dynamics AX accounting and planning system is in Germany
  • The largest Russian accounting company WiseAdvise keeps accounting for the Russian business
  • It was necessary to avoid the double entry, an expensive localization of Microsoft Dynamics AX with support of all legislative changes, costs of the personnel training


Technical tasks of the project:

  • Integrate the items, orders, purchase invoices, invoices of sales orders as well as the payment journals
  • Establish the file exchange because the servers are located in different countries and the VPN channel is not feasible either
  • Ensure protection of the transferred data
  • Conduct training for the personnel


Neti solution:

  • The integration module between Dynamics 365 and 1С has been delivered and installed
  • The file exchange between Dynamics AX and 1С at different locations has been enabled
  • The rules of mapping and exchange of documents and catalogs have been configured
  • The training for the personnel in work with the new software was conducted



  • The UWT company has received a configured exchange tool of catalogs and documents between Microsoft Dynamics AX and 1С
  • Additional technical assistance in setup of the servers has been provided
  • All documentation has been made available in two languages


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