Only a happy employee can make a customer happy

Updated: 25.05.2016


It is difficult for a person to handle his attitude. However it is becoming easier when you’re supported by colleagues.

There are two things we are sure of. Only a happy employee can make a customer happy – this is the first thing. Employees provide great service to customers when the company provides great service to its employees – this is the second thing.

Customers feel the attitude. That is why we create atmosphere of sincere joy and benignity inside the company. Five projects help us to nourish positive emotions and improve customer service:

  • “I have an idea!”
  • “Extra mile customer service”
  • “Thank you!”
  • Feedback
  • “Event bonus”

Let us start from the first three. 


 “I have an idea!” project

Innovation. Optimization. Kaizen. This is the essence of the project.

How it works

As soon as a colleague has an innovative idea, they upload it to a special directory in the local network. No limits. The range of ideas - from global to very specific, from a new service suggestion to changing a report form.

Ideas are discussed and commented. Simple and viable ideas are realized in a short period of time. Complicated and compound ideas are archived until their time comes.

We encourage creativity and appreciate initiative. An employee gets 200 rubles for an idea. 22 ideas have been posted for the last three months. That is more than for the whole last year.

New ideas implementation statistics since the start of the project

Examples from the Bank of Ideas:

  • The English chat “English Skype group” for employees’ communication and practice in English  - done
  • A heater and board games for the office  - done
  • To make preview of the attached files in the local social network – done
  • Employees’ awards for 5 and 10 years of work in the company, in order to appreciate employees’ loyalty – is being processed


 “Extra mile customer service” project

The name comes from the expression “to go the extra mile”, which means to do more than enough.

How it works

Same as the other project “I have an idea”, this is a bank of ideas, which employees post on the local network. There are two fundamental differences:

-       “Extra miles” are about service and customer relations

-       The project helps us feel human care in work and business relations

“Extra miles” is about sincere service and our wish to help the customer by doing little bit more than is necessary. There are similar expressions in Russian: “to get out of your skin”, “to lay oneself out”. But those are extremes. The project is about simple and reasonable actions for the benefit of a customer, exceeding his expectations.

 “Extra miles” examples: 

- A customer asked to add a data input line. While detailing the task a developer noticed that the data would be standard. So if a drop down menu is created instead of a line, the customer avoids the necessity of typing the same figures every time. The developer offered this option free of charge, though that was not in the tech design. The customer approved the idea and was very satisfied.

- A customer asked to remove a mistake which was not noticed by the developer on the working base. It was impossible to communicate online, because when the developer’s local time is 17:00 the customer’s local time is 23:00. The developer found the solution: he made a screen recording. After watching the recording the client could be sure that the mistake was eliminated. After that, video instructions became a popular way of providing great service.


 “Thank you project

This project is a veteran among our other projects. It was implemented to bring up the idea of gratitude.

Employees have already posted 1091 “thank you”. It makes about 13 “Thanks” per colleague.

Colleagues tell each other “thank you” every day for every little help.


  • Thank you for giving a lift home
  • Thank you for helping to find a form in the program
  • Thank you for lending a charger

All virtual thanks are accumulated and converted into real presents: a new drill, an armchair, headphones, tickets to the theatre.

We can say that this project has influenced our corporate culture most of all. We dare say we are proud of it.

These are three of five social and service Neti projects, which deal with colleagues’ relationships and customer relations. In the next articles we will tell you how the effective feedback resulted in the change of our accountant and why Neti fishermen are looking forward to May.

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