Neti is sixty!

Updated: 09.11.2015
Новости Neti

People say this about jubilees. But we have another reason.

In 2015 we pay a lot of attention to customer service. We have developed the roadmap, we are introducing ITIL and ISO quality standards and adapt advanced American experience of customer oriented business. It yields fruit.

The inside changes

The main change we have now is the staff increase. The staff has multiplied by 3 for nearly 2 years. There are already sixty of us!

Every day sixty professionals work in 6 time zones with clients from Russia, Israel, the Check republic, Holland, Malta, Bulgaria and the USA.

Customer statistics

Colleagues come and leave. Customers come and leave. The goal of a self-respecting business is to minimize the number of leaving customers and to maximize the number of new clients. Neti’s figures for the period of four years allow us to look into the future with optimism:

  • We have signed 154 contracts since 2011.
  • 103 of them are with companies, which outsource us Dynamics AX and NAV development, lease our specialists, trust us to serve and support their IT systems.
  • 53 companies trust us this job every month! They do not only ease the peak periods and charge us with single tasks, but have a possibility to focus entirely on their business, having commissioned the IT systems with us.

We were happy to see that the statistics correlates with our conception of the Neti company, - says Oleg Khalilov, the general director. – Our mission is to be a reliable and loyal partner, who provides great service.


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