Roadmap: Neti great service

Updated: 09.06.2015

There is a number of figures in business analysis that we can polish up endlessly. Especially when these figures coincide with the key factors of company development. An example of such a figure is customer service.

We created a roadmap for service improvement. Here you can find out what is included there and what impact it has on customers and colleagues.

What for

Service improving is a strategic question.  The formula “ the better service, the higher revenue” works at 100%.

The roadmap highlights the weak points in need of development and sets efficiency indices.

An ideal scenario is when having introduced all points planned we say: ”Our service level is perfect.” And after this we create a new roadmap. Ad infinitum.

Let’s stroll the points.

1. Service range

It is convenient for a customer to get diverse services from one contractor. It makes the cooperation with the accounting department easier and the search for executors simpler. But does it do for a contractor?

We get inquires about non-core job all the time  and we used to come to meet the customers’ needs. It seems to be OK, but the accompanying  service draws off the assets of the core business.

We flatly refuse to get down to hardware, IT security, documents circulation, CRM systems installation and so on.

Instead we concentrate on our major areas: 1C development, MS Dynamics AX support. We offer a lot of additional services in these highly tailored areas: 1C support, Dynamics 365 installation, databases, training, 1C and AX integration and many others.

2. Service accuracy

In IT sphere there is  the management methodology ITIL, which includes the best organizational routines. Having introduced this methodology in our projects and fine-tuned business processes, we will be able to control terms, budgets and any customer communication.

Every project will get its status. It will allow us to track up what is done and what is not done and also see details.

We already use SLA – service level agreements with customers.

We developed response time standards, inquiry handling procedure standards and other indices of the service level. All these are paving the way for quality results.

3. Quality result

The next step is the introduction of code quality control. More experienced 1C programmers and Dynamics 365 developers will review junior colleagues’ codes and give feedback. That will improve the code standards and the development quality.

The testing procedure is introduced in 100% projects. User working process simulation reveals errors, and developers eliminate them before putting into service. It spares both customer’s time and our backup service time, which is not now spent on free of charge error elimination in projects which are already put into service.

4. A customer is in the focus of attention

It is spoken about high and low. But what does it practically mean?

We are inspired by the Ari Weinzweig book “ZINGERMAN'S GUIDE TO GIVING GREAT SERVICE”, which deals with creation of integral service system.

We are preparing the corporate service standard and the customer communication standard. We are going to release it to employees in the form of “The Lord Of The Rings” cartoon.

It is believed that one of Richard Branson’s principles is “It is better to promise less and give more than vice versa”. We do agree.

5. Customer disposition barometer

Systematic feedback collection. We have already started clients’ survey in order to understand how they estimate interaction level, satisfaction with our work, employees’ goodwill.

We note their comments on our service simultaneously.

Our immediate task is to estimate the financial status of our prospective customers. That will be one of the factors, which will help to determine Neti’s cost of service.

6. Customer services

The work with potential and current clients includes several directions:

  • Personal account improvement. The customer can see the current status of his project and what is happening at the moment.
  • Congratulations and corporate gifts on different occasions, from birthdays to specific dates.
  • Developers availability in one click. During the working hours the developer is available through Skype, e-mail, phone – that is a Neti standard.
  • Incoming calls to the number 8-800 analysis. Optimizing voice IVR-menu.
  • Clients who have been working with us for more than 6 months can receive additional work results reports in the form of infographics.

7. Loyal experienced employee means satisfied customer

Everyone has a desire to grow and earn more. We developed a special regulation for that.

You can translate or write an article about Dynamics 365 or 1C and get a fee. Work for foreign projects in English is rated higher. But it all doesn’t boil down to money.

We are creating an employee ecosystem which includes:

  • Advanced social security.
  • Comfortable work environment (there is a coffee machine , a lounge, a ping-pong table, steppers , a horizontal bar , an Xbox360 in the office).
  • Regular corporate events.
  • Extended sick-lists.
  • Additional medical insurance.
  • Gratitude spirits rising and other immaterial motivation programmes.

We are developing the site Career Neti about work opportunities in the company. There you can find employees’ success stories. They write about their first days in the company, their growth and tell about their plans for the future.

8. An employee disposition barometer

The other side of loyalty is employees’ feedback. It helps to understand what we need to improve inside the company.

The questionnaire includes almost all types of questions: to what extent the employees are satisfied with the working conditions and wages, with content of their tasks, schedule, professional growth pace, climate inside our team, communication with the manager, corporate events. Do they understand the connection between their work and the overall Neti mission?

We assess everything that can influence our employees’ mood.

9. Complaints and claims processing

The methodology of dealing with customers’ complaints and claims is also developed according to the book “ZINGERMAN'S GUIDE TO GIVING GREAT SERVICE”. As for employees’ complaints, claims and dissatisfaction, here we resolve the issues to their favor.

These were the ten points of the Neti great service development roadmap.



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