First technical support hotline of ERP systems is now in Russia

Updated: 24.07.2014

Neti was the first in Russia that launched a hotline for Microsoft Dynamics AX users

— For the Russian market of ERP-systems support this is a revolutionary level, — Oleg Khalilov, company’s CEO says. — Outsourcing of ERP-solutions always included development only, but now Neti goes to customers’ hotline. This is the new level of outsourcing and ERP-solutions maintenance in Russia.

Normally enterprises using Microsoft Dynamics AX have a consultant who is acting as an agent between a customer and developers. Neti’s technical support implies direct contact with the end customers.  

— Now customers are able to call, e-mail and reach directly our consultant bypassing their own IT department, — Khalilov tells. — Before that a customer had to have a member of the staff who filtered out all preferences and requirements of business customers with his personal involvement. Now we can work directly. That makes Dynamics 365 support cheaper for the customers. There is no need to have costly consultants any more. 

How does Microsoft Dynamics AX hotline work?

Solutions of any user’s tasks on Dynamics 365 hotline go as follows:

  1. Business users send their requests to Neti’s support team via e-mail, phone or Skype. 
  2. Neti’s consultant accepts and processes requests.
  3. Then he forms the tasks cooperating with technical assignment users if necessary.
  4. He passes the tasks to a developer to implement.
  5. When everything is done he accepts solutions from the developer and tests them.
  6. If everything is all right he closes the tasks.  

Estimation of a new work’s format is done on the basis of standard rates of Dynamics 365 developers plus working hours of Neti’s consultant with the rate 1000 roubles/hour. 

Data reporting is collected in JIRA system, where records of man-hour are carried out daily. There is a possibility of direct customer’s access to the system in order to track the work process independently.

Within the technical support hotline of Dynamics 365 users, the response time to the request is only 1 hour. Within the standard second line support the response time is 4 hours. 

Today Neti is the only company in Russia on Microsoft Dynamics AX development and maintenance which provides such service to their customers. 

To know more about Dynamics 365 first technical support hotline and get answers to any questions call us on 8-800-700-15-02

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