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Mobile App Development

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    With over 15 years of experience working with ERP-systems, we can develop both frontend and backend
    functionality for your mobile app faster than most — saving you time and money!

    Mobile App Development Services

    We provide four main services for mobile applications — Engineering, Design, Development, Launch & Support.


    • Functional requirements
    • Establishing screen’s logic
    • Development of a prototype
    • Technical task


    • Analysis of a project’s UX/UI
    • Creation of a concept
    • Rendering of screens
    • Coding


    • Operating systems: iOS, Android
    • Tools: React Native, Xamarin, Cordova
    • Languages: Swift, Objective-C, C#, Java, JavaScript
    • Testing

    Launch & Support

    • Registration in Apple Store & Google Play
    • Integration with a website
    • Integration with CRM, ERP, 1C
    • Improvement of an application

    Recent projects

    Take a look at the most recent projects we've delivered for our clients

    Price Tag Recognition

    Client: Supermarket chain
    Platforms: iOS/Android
    Language, framework: React Native
    Description of functionality

    • Checking price tags and empty shelves in a store using a smartphone
    • Recognizing a barcode and a price on a price tag by means of Machine Learning
    • Enabling the monitoring of price relevance and recording of empty shelves
    • Automatically printing new price tags
    • Integrating with ERP-system (Microsoft Dynamics AX) and with a store’s operational control system (MD Audit).

    Application for Couriers

    Client: ePharmacy
    Platforms: Android
    Language, framework: React Native
    Description of functionality

    • Delivering of pharmaceutical goods to customers
    • Displaying list of orders, planning optimal routes, marking fulfilled orders, and creating a photo report
    • Courier’s personal account
    • Integrating with ERP-system – 1C

    Application for Real Estate Agents

    Client: Real estate platform
    Platforms: iOS/Android
    Language, framework: Objective-C / Swift; VIPER + SOA.
    Description of functionality:

    • Integrating with CRM-system for real estate agents
    • Facilitating property management
    • Managing clients
    • Controlling access for real estate agencies

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      With the help of an application
      developed by our team you will get:

      ✔ Increase in sales

      Sell a hundredfold faster! A couple of clicks and a customer has already bought from you. No time wasting on browsing websites for goods or services!

      ✔ Constant growth

      We help our clients earn more with their apps, promoting it in popular search engines and bringing it to the fore – the first lines of search results.

      ✔ Outperform your competitors

      Innovations help business to get ahead. While your competitors are busy with websites, gain an advantage with your own mobile application.

      We can integrate your mobile app with ANY system! Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your mobile application.

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