Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a modern, intelligent and unified business support software. Apps in the D365 Customer Engagement Ecosystem (D365 CE) can help you increase your marketing ROI, sales performance, and service security

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    Modular system Microsoft Dynamics 365

    You can independently choose the desired functionality by connecting various modules

    Sales: Dynamics 365 for Sales

    Implementing Dynamics 365 Sales helps sales teams to automate processes and improve efficiency. At the heart of this solution is an adaptive intelligence system that actively monitors a variety of data and turns it into practical analytics.

    Improving sales efficiency

    Train sellers with data-driven feedback. Make decisions with real-time data. Drive revenue with funnel analysis, deals, and relationship analytics.

    Increase in sales

    Reduce costs by aligning sales and marketing teams, and accelerate sales cycles with predictive analytics.

    Launching digital sales

    Focus on customers, interact with them from anywhere, and act quickly with AI power that optimizes the sales process.

    Service: Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

    The module provides work teams with analytics of user support calls from different sources, helps to increase customer satisfaction with AI-powered capabilities. Improving sales efficiency. Train sellers with data-driven feedback. Make decisions with real-time data. Drive revenue with funnel analysis, deals, and relationship analytics.

    Provide self-service support

    Automate self-service with virtual agents and informative knowledge portals.

    Personalize your customer service

    Personalize your customer experience with individualised service.

    Give teams the tools to make agents more productive

    Resolve cases effectively: Provide agents with AI-powered tools that help them promptly get the information they need.


    Leverage analytics and insights from AI to simplify the interactions between agents and customers. 

    Field Worker Management: Dynamics 365 for Field Service

    This module combines business process automation, planning algorithms and mobile technologies for the successful organization of work for employees when they visit clients to solve problems.

    Plan resources intelligently

    Provide high quality field service and optimize resources and costs by directing technicians to critical challenges.

    Preventive maintenance

    Ensure stable and reliable operation: predict, identify and solve problems before customers even know about them.

    Troubleshoot on the first try

    Build customer trust and loyalty by providing your technicians with powerful tools and information to solve problems from the first call.

    Marketing: Dynamics 365 for Marketing

    CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps to manage all stages of the company's marketing activities: analyze competitors, offer personalized discounts, predict seasonal demand and build communication with the client, which helps to solve problems in the client's world.

    Track the customer journey

    Manage personalized customer journeys across multiple channels: build customer relationships.

    Coordinate the work of sales and marketing departments

    Personalize your customer service with marketing automation, data sharing, and processes that are aligned with Dynamics 365 Sales to reach more leads and target them effectively.

    Make informed decisions

    Boost your automated marketing performance with AI analytics, lead scoring, and custom dashboards. 

    Benefits of Neti + Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement


    The advantage of a large resource center is that you can always count on us to expand your team by bringing in reliable developers and consultants.

    Customer focus

    Our reputation is built on our ability to develop strong relationships, understand customer’s needs and provide exceptional customer service with quick responsiveness.

    High quality

    Our developers are certified specialists with an average of 7 years of experience. This means that they will bring a great amount of knowledge and experience to your project.

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