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LUCIANO — premium-class spa complex on par with the best spa facilities in Europe

In 2011, LUCIANO engaged iNeti to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 for back office applications (financial management, warehouse prices, sales and purchases), front office applications (POS-terminal, event management, schedule, loading staff, hotel, write-off of material masters, and CRM) and on the corporate portal. Now, Dynamics AX forms the main system that underpins the success and future of the spa complex.


Provide quality support for the hard-integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 with a limited budget


Client required senior developers with experience in developing POS-systems & enterprise portal, as well as performance optimisation.


We managed to provide high quality support within the monthly budget. It was cheaper than to have a developer on staff who wouldn’t be able to solve this whole range of tasks.
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Dynamics AX in LUCIANO

iNeti, together with LUCIANO, focused on 3 key priorities for the customer:

  • Operational support – incidents and errors are eliminated during the day with 80% resolved within 1 hour.
  • Support of Dynamics AX as the master system, which integrates different 3rd party applications including 1C Accounting, restaurant automation, access, and telecommunication control.
  • Expansion of functionality corresponding with the growth of the spa complex services and with the automation of internal activities.

We integrated the 1C module and developed a functional schedule for fitness, medical examinations, and staff reports, and finalized the integration of the system with the restaurant.

An important task was the development of a piece-rate payment system for fitness trainers. However, the most crucial element was the constant optimisation to the forms of planning and recording customers. This led to a significant increase in client satisfaction at LUCIANO.


  • Enterprise Portal
  • Integrations
  • Dynamics AX
  • POS

We are now into the 2nd year of our Dynamics 365 system supported by iNeti. Their experts are capable of solving even the most complex of problems. They provide a friendly & warm attitude towards us as a customer. Really impressed with their response rate — they usually reply within the hour! Working with iNeti has been an absolute delight!

Alexandra Egorova

Alexandra EgorovaIT Manager - LUCIANO Spa Complex