Why Neti

Neti is one of the largest Offshore and Nearshore Microsoft Dynamics Development Centre in Europe. We provide design and development on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX and NAV) to VAR-partners and customers across the globe.

The founding principle of our work is to provide you with the highest level of Reliability during the software development process. This includes rapid response to requests, monitoring the progress of work, proper scheduling and complete confidentiality. Plus, our teams are always available to talk to their customers – we ensure you can get in touch with the anyone working on your project, the head of the development team, the head of the production department and even the director – and whatever your issue, they will endeavour to find a solution, quickly and competently.

Comfort and peace of mind

80% of our developers are qualified leading developers, with an average of over 7 years experience in the industry. So when you give us an assignment, you can sleep easy knowing everything is being handled by experts in professional and timely manner.

Thanks to our long-standing experience with Microsoft Dynamics (as well as other common systems), we are able to flag and adapt to your changing needs as each project develops.

Within the company, our employee development initiative exceeds those provided by many of our competitors. We believe that by nurturing our staff through ongoing training and a varied experience of projects they will be able to provide a higher standard of service to our customers. Two or three developers will work together on an assignment, each with unique and relevant experience to the project – giving you the additional confidence that your ideas are in good hands.

Our approach

We work with customers all over the world because we like to keep ourselves at the head of the latest technology developments (for example, Neti employees were working with a version of Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 as early as March 2012). In addition to this, we strive to remain a step ahead of our competitors by mastering new technologies as they are released – preparing us for future trends in ERP and CRM systems before they reach mainstream businesses.

We develop Dynamics 365 (AX) in strict accordance with Best Practice Recommendations – making future edits or code adjustments easy for you or anyone else you choose to share the project with down the line.

We believe in complete transparency between Neti and our customers. This is especially true in regard to our prices, which are based on the skills and qualifications of the individual developers. Such a pricing model ensures you'll never need to overspend on a simple project and never be disappointed with our results, however complex the project. 

We develop across multiple platforms including Dynamics 365, AX, NAV, CRM, SharePoint and .Net. Neti's team of developers also have experience of Infor MAX+, Joomla and many other systems. We believe such high levels of competency in different systems are the solution to most complex integration problems encountered in the development process. If you have any questions, or ideas for a project based on a system not mentioned, please do get in contact with us to find out what Neti can make possible for you.


Our tools

Neti uses the popular JIRA QUERY Management for tracking the progress of its projects and for handling all the day-to-day activity of running things smoothly. We believe it to be a clear and convenient way for our customers to monitor the success of their projects, as well as offering constant access to the newest information. You can learn more about JIRA at http://atlassian.com/software/jira/overview.

 Our priorities


1. Reliability - whether meeting deadlines, or exceeding the required level of quality, Neti pride themselves on delivering as promised. We also place high value in our communication skills as a supporting factor of our reliability – aiming to respond to customer requests within less than an hour via phone, email, fax, Skype or dedicated developer contact throughout the day.





2. Security -  through strict adherence to our Business Confidentiality Policy, as well as other conditions described in our contracts, every Neti employee understands the importance of working in a secure manner.






3. Teamwork - the success of every Neti project relies on coordinating the skills of a variety of different team members. It's a challenging task, but it's one that we excel at every day.





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