We extend internal staff training


We have already published the Neti great service roadmap. One of itspoints is the increase of the performance quality, more than half of which depends on the employees’ qualification.

In December we introduced the the internal MS Dymanics AX staff training routine

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What are our lives apart from job?


Some people believe that the main thing in their lives is their job. Long working hours, quick lunch breaks, and beaches in Turkey or Egypt twice a year. Many people live this way. Many, but fortunately not everyone.

Neti employees represent a bright exception to the rule. Do you know why?

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Our unforgettable corporate event


The event we were all looking forward to took place!

Our annual corporate event took place on the on the 11-12th of July at the recreation centre “Sviyaga” near Kazan. It was the record large seminar, which gathered 80% of our employees, more than half of them came from other Russian cities. 

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