Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Part of the Dynamics 365 ecosystem for field worker management

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    The application combines business process automation, planning algorithms and mobile technologies for the successful organization of work for employees when they visit customers to solve problems

    Convenient schedule

    This block accumulates all work orders and is distributed depending on the qualifications of personnel, travel time, availability of resources and other indicators.

    The schedule will be updated if one of the specialists took a day off or vacation, or the client canceled the order. The preferences of clients are also taken into account – with whom they like to work more, or vice versa, with whom it did not work out.

    The request selects the best resource for a specific task. Allows to optimize the route by choosing the technician closest to the task. Appoints the most qualified specialist for the task. 

    Mobile application for field technician

    The employee has complete information about the order, including spare parts and consumables that are written off from the warehouse, and the dispatcher sees the full picture.

    Also in the application, the client accepts the work by leaving his signature. 


    prompt response to incidents

    When certain thresholds are exceeded, sensors automatically create work orders that are inserted into the schedule.

    The incident is already clear and the technician already knows what happened. 

    Remote Assist

    A technician calls an expert, in case of difficulty, with the help of augmented reality, he tells him how to operate.

    The session can be recorded and used later, for example, for training and documentation. The expert can send the documentation in pdf so that the technician can view it. Downloadable on Microsoft Stream for training other technicians.

    This reduces technician’s visits to a client to one. 


    The new version of Remote Assist leaves the technician’s hands free and increases the field of vision for the remote expert, which speeds up work.

    It can also be used to train technicians. 

    Integration with other D365 systems

    Employee management

    When creating a work order for repair or maintenance of a client, the integration will allow dispatchers to choose from a complete list of client functionality, regardless of the system in which it was created.

    Nearest warehouses

    Integration provides technicians with a complete list of nearby warehouses and relevant details.

    Purchase orders

    The purchase order is created in Supply Chain Management. The technician then documents the receipt of the products in the Field Service application at the customer's location.

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