MS Dynamics Finance and Operations Data in Microsoft Dataverse

Businesses need tools to quickly develop large-scale applications that interact with multiple systems. This is exactly what Dataverse is — a service that provides storage and management of data for custom business applications. The ultimate value of combining D365FO + Dataverse is the end product’s cost reduction due to cheaper DataVerse licenses and simpler programming conditions. But there is a flip side to this story and that combination may not always be a fitting solution.  In this article, i-Neti experts analyze [...]

import data

Importing Data into MS Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Environments

The essential aspect of working with Dynamic 365 Finance and Operations is the ability to load data into the system for convenient storage and thorough management of various business-important assets. New files can be easily uploaded into previously created data import projects. For this, Data Management Workspace is used where you can flexibly adjust data entities in order to smooth out the operation of your database. Turning to specialized professionals, in this case, is a great choice, but there [...]


Integration of the map service with Dynamics AX

For any company engaged in the delivery of goods, of course, the key issue is the calculation of the optimal way of moving goods from warehouses to the consumer. I-neti is ready to share the story of integrating the cartographic service with Dynamics AX. The customer is a small delivery service from Germany. The task of the project was to reduce the cost of delivering goods, specialists had to develop a service that would calculate the path from the closest [...]


How to organize the development and testing environment in Dynamics 365 FO on-premise project properly?

Nowadays many companies are thinking of migrating from previous versions of Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 F&O, while a large number of companies in Russia are considering the on-premise implementation of this deployment, excluding the cloud option for various reasons. We would like to share our experience in organizing development and testing environment for on-premise deployment in one of the current projects. In standard Microsoft practice, the environment with on-premise deployment looks like this: Developer, UAT (User Accepting Testing) and Production environments [...]

power automate

Using Power Automate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 belongs to the next generation of CRM and ERP applications. This unique app helps companies improve the quality of financial operations, marketing, customer service, and sales throughout. The platform allows you to work with processes that can run in multiple applications. With a comprehensive cloud offering, companies can improve productivity, engage customers, and protect data in a better, more progressive way. The platform is versatile and efficient in large part due to Power Automate, a service [...]


How To Improve Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO) Performance

“Why does it run so slowly?” is the question that encompasses various performance issues of any sort of software. Complicated enterprise-centric systems can unlikely demonstrate a great performance with default adjustments. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is no exclusion.  Complaints about the insufficiency of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations performance appear groundless oftentimes. Improper system settings along with some objective factors can affect the operation parameters of D365FO. Without proper monitoring and tuning of the system, organizations might [...]