Игровые автоматы Слотосфера: играть на деньги

Онлайн-слоты считаются более востребованными на рынке, чем рулетка, покер или блэкджек. Правила и особенности игры в автоматы понять легче, чем стратегии сложных классических игр. Привлекают слоты своими разными тематиками и высоким уровнем RTP. Пользователям предлагается скачать автоматы на деньги и в демо-версии одновременно. Оба эти режима будут доступны на смартфоне, игроку остается только выбрать подходящий. Приложение не занимает более Мб и не влияет на скорость работы другого ПО. Требования к девайсу минимальны, поэтому скачать игровые автоматы Слотосфера онлайн [...]


Supertotobet canli casino ve bahis 2021

Content Süpertotobet Canlı Maç Süpertotobet Giriş Süpertotobet 10 Tl Deneme Bonusu Bunun yanı sıra diğer bahis firmalarının ara yüzlerini, altyapılarını sürekli olarak yenilemesi rekabeti sürekli sıcak tutmak açısından önemliydi. Sü diğer firmalar da yarışın içerisinde olmak adına kendisi ile birlikte kalitesini yukarıya çekmektedir. Bununla birlikte Türkçe dil seçeneği basit ve anlaşılır altyapısı ve mobil uyumuyla rakiplerine oranla daha da tercih edilir bir hale geldi. Çok net ve anlaşılır bir ara yüz ile müşterilerine hitap etmektedir. Profesyonel bahis siteleri arasında bulunan Supertotobet, en geniş bahis [...]


i-Neti specialists have implemented integration between MS DAX and 1C for the kari network

The integration module developed by i-Neti specialists made it possible to set up automatic data transfer between information systems within the shortest period of time. Automated data transfer between Microsoft Dynamics AX and 1C is currently in high demand for many companies that use both accounting systems to support different business processes. The integration module, which is one of the most popular i-Neti products and is already being utilized by dozens of clients, allows you to solve this problem with [...]

BI and EDI reporting

Advanced Reporting in MS Dynamics AX/365: Power BI and EDI

In our most recent article, we reviewed SSRS and Excel reporting in MS Dynamics ERP system. These methods have been commonly used by enterprises in their daily workflows for years. However, in recent years, analytics specialists have started using BI systems, which introduce the next stage of paper-like reports. Power BI is the most popular and affordable of all BI tools. Let’s discuss BI and EDI solutions, assessing their pros and cons. Power BI Reporting Power BI is Microsoft’s advanced business [...]


i-Neti Recognized as the Leader on ERP Consulting According to Clutch

Our team here at i-Neti has some awesome news to share with all of you! Clutch just announced a press release where they honored us as one of Russia’s top ERP consultants! ERP consulting is essential to a growing business, and it makes sense to utilize one of the world’s recognized top providers. That’s why we’re honored that Clutch named us one of their best ERP consulting firms! is located in the center of the District of Columbia, where [...]


How to Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers from Eastern Europe

In times of uncertainty, companies are looking for ways to cut operational costs and introduce new, efficient workflows. According to our experience, managers often find hiring remote developers to be a key strategy that allows them to easily scale their development capacity and simultaneously lower costs. Therefore, it may be wise to hire Microsoft Dynamics developers from Eastern Europe – a location that is well-known for its highly skilled talent and lower rates. But how to find a good [...]