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About our work

In detail
About the client and received benefits

The client's request

Quality support hard-integrated Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 with a limited budget

Products used

Microsoft Dynamics AX2009 (including Enterprise Portal)

1C: Accounting

1С: restaurant management

SALTO access control

Avaya PBX


The decision on the day of the incident request






Alexandra Egorova

IT Manager, SPA complex "Luciano",


The second year of our system Dynamics 365 accompanies the company Neti. Experts solve the most complex questions. Like a friendly, family-warm attitude towards us as a customer.
Like the reaction rate - usually reply within an hour.
Working with Neti leaves only positive emotions.


Briefly about the customer

LUCIANO – spa complex premium class, which is the level of comfort and equipment unique to Russia. In 2011, the system was introduced LUCIANO Microsoft Dynamics AX2009. However, it works not only as a system of back-office (financial management, warehouse prices, sales and purchases), but as a front-office (POS-terminal, event management, schedule, loading staff, hotel, write-off of material masters, CRM ). And part of the functionality implemented on the corporate portal. Thus, Dynamics AX is the main system for the life of the spa complex.

The client's request

LUCIANO constantly improves the quality of services, and in many ways it depends on the correctness and performance of Dynamics AX. Introduce new services, improving processes. What was needed was an experienced developer who has experience in developing POS-systems and enterprise portal, as well as experience in performance optimization. It was important rate of reaction, since the system is used as a front-office, any discrepancy may cause customer churn.

In the state of LUCIANO have experienced consultants who can competently put the problem and implement it in life is better than any outside contractor. In such a situation, Neti services as a professional partner for maintenance were the perfect option.


Neti accompanying LUCIANO has focused on three key priorities for the Customer:

  1. Operational support. Incidents and errors are eliminated during the day. 80% for 1 hour.
  2. Support for integration with 1C, restaurant automation, access control and telephony.
  3. Extension of functional the process of improving services and spa complex and automation of internal activities.

Was introduced Integration Module 1C, which Neti has been successfully working on dozens of projects. Developed a functional schedule for fitness, medical examination staff reports finalized, finalized the integration of the system with the restaurant. Now all the data on the client's account is contained in Dynamics AX. Important was the development of a piece-rate pay system based fitness trainers. But the most important forms of waged constant optimization of planning and customer records. This allowed us to increase customer satisfaction LUCIANO.


Quality support managed to put in a monthly budget. It is cheaper to own a developer who is a priori not be able to handle the whole range of problems. We would have to hire freelancers or company-integrator, which is not allowed to stay within your budget.



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