11 January 2013

Productive development or how to write code without affecting the brain and nerves

Many developers, and not only that, faced with stressful situations at work and side effects, such as constant irritability, etc., after working hours. Next I will try to formulate the basic criteria for productive development without compromising their own health and common sense.

(By the example of Dynamics 365)

01 December 2012

Quick reports OWC in Axapta (Dynamics AX)


Today we open the categories in which we will lay out some interesting examples for Dynamics AX.

Suppose a client asks you to write a report on the availability of materials in the warehouse. What not to write a separate report, you can use a ready functionality quick reports. Quick reports are simple and easy to use interface and lets you:

24 October 2012

Basics of creating SSRS reports in Axapta (AX 2012)

The current version of Axapta, namely Dynamics AX 2012 (the AX2012) all reporting is built on MS Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS), the use of old technology reporting is possible, but not desirable, and create reports in AX2012-based SSRS not quite trivial . To help new developers, we decided to write a short article describing the minimum necessary steps to create a report based on the SSRS.

24 September 2012

The typical solution for bar-coding in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Is there a technology simple, fast and most importantly accurate input of information into the system Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009? The specialists of this field will be answered with certainty that there is an example of this technology is bar-coding, where the automatic recognition, decoding, processing, transmission and recording of information into the system. It is a typical solution has been successfully applied in one of the industrial enterprises.

The developers had a number of tasks for bar-coding and as a result processes are implemented:bar-coding finished productions:

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