30 March 2016

Simplification the comments' inputting and projects' creation

This is a small project which one simplifies projects’ templates’ creation. Also it lets mention project name, related to changes, in project’s comments.

04 March 2016

Extending opportunities with AX 2012 XDS

How to create flexible tables’ elements’ access solution using AX 2012 XDS.

What is XDS in AX 2012

It is a new functionality which lets restrict access to datasets based on Query for either all users or users with specified role (or by other conditions).

15 February 2016

Pivot table in Excel from AX 2012

Using ComExcelDocument_RU

29 May 2015

How to create only one invoice for several purchase orders in DAX012

How to create only one invoice for several purchase orders in DAX012.

//Create Purchase Parameter Lines for one of the purchases:

purchFormLetter = PurchFormLetter::construct(DocumentStatus::Invoice);

//Use the standard code that adds purchases to invoice

20 May 2015

Compiler Errors Hints

Some errors you can face while compiling CIL in DAX 2012.

1) Error thrown after compiling one of queries
Description Path Line Method/Property name Diagnostic ID 
Invalid field 'Status' in data source. \Queries\FdwINVOIC\Data Sources\EnvelopeTable(FdwEnvelopes)  EnvelopeTable Err:327 
Invalid field 'Status' in data source. \Queries\FdwINVOIC\Data Sources\EnvelopeTable(FdwEnvelopes)\Data Sources\MessageTable(FdwMessageTable)  MessageTable Err:327 

19 May 2015

Professional outsourcing VS freelance

outsource vs freelance 4-2

When speaking with potential customers, we are often asked, "How are you different to freelancers?”. There are several key differences between the services offered by Neti and those offered by freelancers:

Qualifications and Experience

13 May 2015
23 April 2015

Post Purch Receipt List programmatically

In some cases you have to post purchase order's lines partly.
You can post Receipt List only for some of Purchase lines. Here is example, it's suitable for DAX 2009.

26 March 2015

Can't create a new employee in AX 2012 r3


I did everything according to the instructions: typed employee names in the "Name" fields, chose company, after that tried to create an employee, but the "Hire new worker" button is always inactive in the "Create new worker" dialog. What do I do wrong? How to solve this problem?


You have to setup the number sequence: Human resources – Setup – Parameters – Human resources shared parameters.


21 November 2014

5 outsourcing examples from Neti. Or what do outsource those who work for outsourcing.

— We are active outsourcing advocates and we think that this format will flourish in the future, - Oleg Khalilov, NETI CEO says. — Very often it is difficult to find a professional in native city, and the talents are scattered all over Russia and even all over the world. 

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