How To Improve Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO) Performance

“Why does it run so slowly?” is the question that encompasses various performance issues of any sort of software. Complicated enterprise-centric systems can unlikely demonstrate a great performance with default adjustments. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is no exclusion.  Complaints about the insufficiency of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations performance appear groundless oftentimes. Improper system settings along with some objective factors can affect the operation parameters of D365FO. Without proper monitoring and tuning of the system, organizations might [...]

BI and EDI reporting

Advanced Reporting in MS Dynamics AX/365: Power BI and EDI

In our most recent article, we reviewed SSRS and Excel reporting in MS Dynamics ERP system. These methods have been commonly used by enterprises in their daily workflows for years. However, in recent years, analytics specialists have started using BI systems, which introduce the next stage of paper-like reports. Power BI is the most popular and affordable of all BI tools. Let’s discuss BI and EDI solutions, assessing their pros and cons. Power BI Reporting Power BI is Microsoft’s advanced business [...]


Advanced Reporting in MS Dynamics AX/365: Excel and SSRS

Financial reports demonstrate the current financial situation of businesses and help plan out further strategies for corporate development. If you are using Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, you should definitely be interested in the available reporting tools at your disposal. Initially, companies used paper reports to exchange information or provide it to management or regulatory authorities. That’s where the SSRS tool came to the rescue out of the software package of Dynamics AX 2012. Starting with AX 2012, the integration with MS [...]

MS Dynamics Consultant Role

Microsoft Dynamics Consultant Role in the Big Scale of Business

Any ambitious, profitable modern business needs a dedicated ERP system to provide smooth, fast, and convenient services. And the ERP system must be maintained properly by a profiled expert. That’s why specialists like MS Dynamics consultants are in such high demand right now. The consultant establishes and describes current processes, clarifies the needs of the customer and his clients, identifies bottlenecks, and develops a design solution. With over a billion people all over the world using various interconnected Microsoft solutions, [...]


Microsoft Dynamics Integration with Third-Party Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful system that allows businesses to collect, organize, share, and manage data at all stages of the business life cycle. However, if you want to have a broader set of capabilities in one place, making your processes even more seamless and functional, customization is the best option. There is always a way to extend the platform’s standard capabilities through integration with all sorts of useful business applications. Our team has gone through many integration projects [...]

case study erp modernization

Case Study: i-Neti Helps BAW to Modernize the ERP System of a Major Cable Reseller

i-Neti experts help modify and extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for Meinhart Kabel Austria GmbH – a major company for cabling and equipment in Austria.  BAW Business Applications GmbH – an Austrian Microsoft partner, set out to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations on behalf of their client Meinhart Kabel Austria GmbH. BAW already had a team of consultants and developers but identified that the work involved in such an implementation required additional development power. Challenges One [...]