The typical solution for bar-coding in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Updated: 24.09.2012
The typical solution for bar-coding in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Is there a technology simple, fast and most importantly accurate input of information into the system Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009? The specialists of this field will be answered with certainty that there is an example of this technology is bar-coding, where the automatic recognition, decoding, processing, transmission and recording of information into the system. It is a typical solution has been successfully applied in one of the industrial enterprises.

The developers had a number of tasks for bar-coding and as a result processes are implemented:bar-coding finished productions:

- bar-coding component specifications (raw material);
- bar-coding pressing tool (snap);
- bar-coding staff;
- bar-coding operations, the finished product;
- bar-coding finished goods warehouse operations;
- bar-coding warehouse operations, purchased components.

Really, the implementation of such solution for automated data collection, the company was made possible automatic identification of the components of the entire production cycle, as well as the automation a number of processes, such as receiving, shipment, inventory of production and warehouse movement.

At the initial stage of the survey was carried out and as a result identified of the basic requirements for bar-coding system, identifies the processes that need to be transferred to work with the data collection terminal, in order to optimize and accelerate the processing of information in the system.

The next step was the development kernel of bar-coding system, which was carried out setting the module and general mechanisms of the work with bar codes and equipment (scanners of bar-codes and printers for printing bar-codes). For automatic recognition and identification requires that the system's database contained all the additional information about the product and the materials for this were set up directories to store it. It was important to properly perfom this standard solution at the program level, and correctly configurethe database interaction with the hardware of system bar-code. To test the sample was purchased by the terminal for data collection, to be able to develop high quality interface interaction, as well as a printer for printing bar-code debugging on self-adhesive tape. The implementation of systems bar-code and functions of the system was carried out on high-level programming language X + +.

The final stage was the development of additional features for a number of actions, such as packaging, warehouse transfers, shipping, etc.

High-quality and efficient execution of all phases of the work was made possible by years of experience in the development of employees by means of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, and an excellent knowledge of the functionality of the system as a whole.The company-customer noted that this solution has successfully implemented and in times saves time for all stages of production, reduces complexity and eliminates the risk of human mistakes.The advantage is that when the new needs and challenges of the enterprise will be possible to bind to the barcode of any business process in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.


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