How to pass the Microsoft Dynamics AX Development exam remotely?

Updated: 26.09.2017
How to pass the Microsoft Dynamics AX Development exam remotely?

Microsoft Dynamics AX program decisions are constantly improving. At first, innovations come to European companies, and only after that to Russian enterprises.

We aspire to be one step ahead in this process because we work for the European market as well. Taking part in exams like these allows us to keep our hand in.

We have written that 4 of our colleagues passed the AX7 development (Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations) exams recently. But it was not the end of the story.

Moreover, Igor and Eugene passed the Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Introduction exam (exam MB6-890) in the newest Dynamics 365 version. Igor was the first in our company who passed the exam remotely! Usually, exams are taken in certified centers. The entire exam was in English.

Igor described his experience and shared some life hacks:

1. At the registration on the website Microsoft Learning mark that you are going to pass the exam on-line. Then schedule a date of the exam and pay for it:

2. Install the PVproctor program beforehand for communication with an observer and for taking the test:

3. After installing this program you will be offered to check the system’s functionality (microphone, camera, speakers).

4. Take your photo and the photo of your identity card using the installed program. There is nothing to install additionally.

5. Exactly at the arranged time a curator will link up and ask some questions (full name, etc.) If it is difficult for you to understand the curator’s speech ask him to communicate via the chat. It is also possible.

6. The curator will ask you to show the room, will ask about a mobile phone and documents. It is better to put your phone aside but in the field of view of the web camera.

7. After all these stages are complete the curator will start the exam. If you have any questions or need help press the button at the top of the screen. But be ready that the person who answers you may not be the man who has spoken to you before.

8. When the exam is on no strangers are allowed in the room, you cannot leave the room either. Recording is on the whole time.

9. Everything that happens further is the same as at an exam center. You will see your result as soon as you have finished.

Igor, Eugene, congratulations! We wish you great success in your work!


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