Compiler Errors Hints

Updated: 20.05.2015

Some errors you can face while compiling CIL in DAX 2012.

1) Error thrown after compiling one of queries
Description Path Line Method/Property name Diagnostic ID 
Invalid field 'Status' in data source. \Queries\FdwINVOIC\Data Sources\EnvelopeTable(FdwEnvelopes)  EnvelopeTable Err:327 
Invalid field 'Status' in data source. \Queries\FdwINVOIC\Data Sources\EnvelopeTable(FdwEnvelopes)\Data Sources\MessageTable(FdwMessageTable)  MessageTable Err:327 

Error 327.
The reason was that datasource's range's 'Field' property was empty. Filling property's value helps to avoid this error.

2) After CIL generation there are a lot of 371 errors. But if you try simple objects compilation there are no errors. Here is a hint:

  • Stop the AOS
  • Delete all files (except subdirectories) in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\MicrosoftDynamicsAX\bin\XppIL" folder
  •  (make a folder's backup just in case)
  • Start AOS
  • Start full compilation again
  • Start full CIL generation again

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