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Updated: 19.05.2015

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When speaking with potential customers, we are often asked, "How are you different to freelancers?”. There are several key differences between the services offered by Neti and those offered by freelancers:

Qualifications and Experience

A common difficulty when searching for the right freelancer is opacity – being assured of a person's skills, experience and reliability can be a bit of a gamble. A large number of freelancers are on freelance forums so it is easy to find them, but there is no telling that the reviews, ratings and portfolios are accurate representations of their work.

On the other hand, an outsourcing company like Neti ranks the qualifications and prices of its registered developers. Plus, always provide our customers with a summary of their selected developer detailing up-to-date project experience and technical know-how. Furthermore, whilst most freelancers work on a solitary basis, our developers work as a team and are encouraged to exchange knowledge and discuss issues with each other – this culture of progressive learning is one of our strongest assets.


An essential consideration in working with suppliers is the question of payment. Working with a sole trader or freelancer can lead to difficulties when it comes to invoicing and transferring payments. Where as working with an outsourcing company like Neti is much easier – customers will receive a contract for each project they wish us to undertake and when the work is finalised, payment can be made quickly and safely via bank transfer.

Observance of Terms and Requirements

One of the worst habits of freelancers is their inability to meet simple deadlines. Such delays or a lack of communication can end up costing you money, and as with any work, if your suppliers let you down, this can cause serious damage to your reputation when you are unable to deliver promises to your customers.

A good outsourcing company, such as Neti, will have a strong communication network set up with customers able to contact their project managers via telephone, fax and email, as well as via dedicated Technical Support System which are of enormous value to everyone. Being established for several years has enabled Neti to easily handle even the most complex and urgent of projects. Deadlines are never missed, customers remain regularly informed on a project's progress and satisfaction is guaranteed.


Neti's Customer Warranty is an important element of our aftercare services. Sometimes unforeseen errors or new requirements arise from a project a few months after the final code is delivered. Whilst it would be difficult, or maybe impossible, to contact a freelancer for assistance, is always open for business. Indeed, we have a Customer Warranty written into all our contracts with you and nothing is more important to us than maintaining the high standard of our work and the satisfaction of our customers.


Neti understand the issue of confidentiality is of key importance to all our clients and few freelancers are able to offer the sophisticated security systems used by our developers. Whatever stage your project is at, Neti employees will always treat it with the care and attention you deserve – even before you've signed your contract and long after the final code has been delivered.


The biggest advantage of a professional outsourcing company like Neti is that we are able to operate anywhere on the globe. This, combined with the latest technologies and an intelligent business model enable us to keep our running costs lower than more traditional software developers. These savings are then passed on to our customers – meaning you get much better value for money with Neti than with anyone else.

To learn more about how Neti can benefit you, visit our SERVICES page.


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