5 outsourcing examples from Neti. Or what do outsource those who work for outsourcing.

Updated: 21.11.2014
5 outsourcing examples from Neti. Or what do outsource those who work for outsourcing.

— We are active outsourcing advocates and we think that this format will flourish in the future, - Oleg Khalilov, NETI CEO says. — Very often it is difficult to find a professional in native city, and the talents are scattered all over Russia and even all over the world. 

And it’s the right thing to seek for people who have the best experience and knowledge in their sphere. Sometimes they are individuals, sometimes companies. One way or another, today technologies allow us to work through the distances without any problems.

Outsourcing examples in Neti

What activities outsource those who provide outsourcing services themselves?

1. HR specialist. That is exactly the case, when you need a narrow specialized expertise but there is no sense in taking one more employee on the staff. In spite of international work expanse, structurally Neti is not a big company. So it is illogical and irrational to take a person who will deal with employees search and staff in general: volume of tasks is not enough for fulltime work.
In case of a new vacancy opening, when we need an employee, HR searches for them and receive an emolument for that. Apart from that she is taking on our internal project «Say Thank You!», she is in touch with co-workers, and deals with presents. Sometimes she is present at interviews. Although she is from Kazan, she is hardly ever in the office.

2. Internet marketing specialist lives in Kaluga. He fully solves news content tasks for 3 Neti web sites. He writes texts on Dynamics 365 outsourcing, 1С development, covers Neti’s “backstage” on enterprise portal. The original Russian version of this exact text is his creation too. Also he maintains Google Adwords advertising. So he is a marketing specialist, copywriter and Adwords specialist all in one.Moreover, one more outsourced marketing specialist will start his work soon. He is going to deal with organizational arrangements of Neti’s marketing activity. He will control executive management requests fulfilment and marketing initiatives implementation.

3. Supply manager. For three years an outsourced individual person has been maintaining office environment and cleanness. Her duties are: cleaning services, purchase of household supplies (cleaning products, etc.) and food (coffee, tea, juices, biscuits, etc). Now it is fully her responsibility to maintain the office clean and to stock food and household supplies in time.

4. Accounting paperwork and calculations are being done by “Grossbukh” LLC (Kazan) second year in a row. They solve all payroll queries; also they are in charge of tax return. In short, they do all tedious, but important paper-laden processes.

5. A lawyer — as English-speaking people say: “the last but not the least”. When some controversial legal questions appear during Nav or Dynamics 365 outsourcing, Neti applies to a lawyer for legal appraisal, who counsels on the matter. Of course, he is an outsourcer.

— All these examples prove that outsourcing is very convenient when not connected with the main business, — Oleg Khalilov continues. — Without saying, all our programmers are on the staff because it’s Neti’s main business. But as to the secondary operative business, it needs to be put in the hands of outsourcing.

We are the advocates of such approach. Sometimes similar in size friendly IT- companies seek our advice. They ask what our practise is with accounting; how we deal with office cleanness, they ask questions about recruiting. With great pleasure we share our experience of outsourcing usage in business.

Have any questions? We will answer them with pleasure.

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