New relations don't appear in the standard Dynamics AX Query Designer (reports, advanced filters)

Updated: 29.08.2014

After creation of new relations in the tables, it happens that these new relations don't appear in the standard Query Designer (reports, advanced filters). Even recompiling and rebuilding cross-references don't help.

To solve this problem you can use this Job:

static void Neti_UpdateRelation(Args _args)


xRefTableRelation::updateTableId(DictTable::construct(tableStr(Neti_XML_objectAttr)).id()); xRefTableRelation::updateTableId(DictTable::construct(tableStr(Neti_XML_objectFilterKey)).id()); xRefTableRelation::updateTableId(DictTable::construct(tableStr(Neti_XML_objectTab)).id()); xRefTableRelation::updateTableId(DictTable::construct(tableStr(Neti_XML_objectTabAttr)).id()); xRefTableRelation::updateTableId(DictTable::construct(tableStr(Neti_XML_object)).id());

// Instead of Neti_XML_ .. you need to specify necessary tables.


You can use this job just after creating relations in the tables. You don't need to rebuild cross-references etc.


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