How to organize the development and testing environment in Dynamics 365 FO on-premise project properly?

Nowadays many companies are thinking of migrating from previous versions of Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 F&O, while a large number of companies in Russia are considering the on-premise implementation of this deployment, excluding the cloud option for various reasons. We would like to share our experience in organizing development and testing environment for on-premise deployment in one of the current projects. In standard Microsoft practice, the environment with on-premise deployment looks like this: Developer, UAT (User Accepting Testing) and Production environments [...]


i-Neti specialists have implemented integration between MS DAX and 1C for the kari network

The integration module developed by i-Neti specialists made it possible to set up automatic data transfer between information systems within the shortest period of time. Automated data transfer between Microsoft Dynamics AX and 1C is currently in high demand for many companies that use both accounting systems to support different business processes. The integration module, which is one of the most popular i-Neti products and is already being utilized by dozens of clients, allows you to solve this problem with [...]

power automate

Using Power Automate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 belongs to the next generation of CRM and ERP applications. This unique app helps companies improve the quality of financial operations, marketing, customer service, and sales throughout. The platform allows you to work with processes that can run in multiple applications. With a comprehensive cloud offering, companies can improve productivity, engage customers, and protect data in a better, more progressive way. The platform is versatile and efficient in large part due to Power Automate, a service [...]


How To Improve Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO) Performance

“Why does it run so slowly?” is the question that encompasses various performance issues of any sort of software. Complicated enterprise-centric systems can unlikely demonstrate a great performance with default adjustments. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is no exclusion.  Complaints about the insufficiency of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations performance appear groundless oftentimes. Improper system settings along with some objective factors can affect the operation parameters of D365FO. Without proper monitoring and tuning of the system, organizations might [...]

BI and EDI reporting

Advanced Reporting in MS Dynamics AX/365: Power BI and EDI

In our most recent article, we reviewed SSRS and Excel reporting in MS Dynamics ERP system. These methods have been commonly used by enterprises in their daily workflows for years. However, in recent years, analytics specialists have started using BI systems, which introduce the next stage of paper-like reports. Power BI is the most popular and affordable of all BI tools. Let’s discuss BI and EDI solutions, assessing their pros and cons. Power BI Reporting Power BI is Microsoft’s advanced business [...]


Advanced Reporting in MS Dynamics AX/365: Excel and SSRS

Financial reports demonstrate the current financial situation of businesses and help plan out further strategies for corporate development. If you are using Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, you should definitely be interested in the available reporting tools at your disposal. Initially, companies used paper reports to exchange information or provide it to management or regulatory authorities. That’s where the SSRS tool came to the rescue out of the software package of Dynamics AX 2012. Starting with AX 2012, the integration with MS [...]