Customer Testimonials

Maris Sõstra CEO, Leatter (Estonia)

First of all I wanted to say, that was pleasantly surprised, that LS NAV said something to you (to Rafael) and that he was able to work with it. Secondly, I like your attitude. I think, it's one of the most important thing to any partnership. I have never heard, that one or another thing is not possible or that you have more important things to do. Of course I know, that I'm not the only client you have, but I have had suppliers, who complain all the time about everything and unfortunately it's not possible to have a long time partnership with such a company/person.

Pär Landberg Fastdev AB (Stockholm County, Sweden)

Customer is very satisfied with both Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers work, so it was perfect feedback. And it also mean they will try to take the opportunity to find work more long term

Alexandros Papaspiridis E.R.P. Development Manager, (United Kingdom)

Many thanks for the work of Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers

Jens Fehrenbach Project Manager, UWT GmbH Level Control,

We are happy to have choosen Neti for the interface between AX and 1C.

Alexandra Egorova IT Manager, SPA complex "Luciano",

Felix Albrecht President of the Albrecht Solutions Inc.,

We have been working together with Neti for some report developments on for NAV 2013 and a happy with their work. Their responsiveness is very fast and the reports work as requested.

Yariv Sade Owner, 1000 Miles Limited,

Professional Developer. Work on time with willing to solve the problem and on time, very efficient.

Todor Kanchev Product Manager, FTS,
We appreciate the job you have done for us and are thankful for the successful closing of all the tasks, especially the integration CRM-NAV, which took most of your time. It was a good benefit for us that you managed to research and develop this connection between the two MS programs. The cooperation with our team was excellent and we appreciate this also. I wish you more successful projects!
Adil Nowsherwan Vice President, Product Development, Pleasant Valley Business Solutions,

Your developers are quite talented and easy to work with. I am happy with their performance.

Eytan Shiran VP Projects, AXperts Dynamic Solutions, Israel,

“I can always count on Neti for jobs to be performed with pace and efficiency. They did a great job on our last Dynamics AX project and I’d like to continue working with them. I am very grateful for their efforts.“

Tom Burnett Head Of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Strategy and Development, Newmead Solutions, UK,

I have no doubt we can keep the both of us in work for long-time. It is good to establish great working relationship between us early on and that 1st AX development work you delivered has enabled us to do that. Your developers always perform great work.

Evgeny Porchunov Chief Information Officer, MC “Volhovec” LLC,

We have been working with Neti since December 2014, and jointly processed many our tasks. Impressions are only positive: tasks are estimated precisely, requests are processed quickly and competently. If there are mistakes, they are promptly corrected. Neti’s consultants maintain all the tasks, and it improves the quality of service.

Jacek Kowalczyk COO Senetic Sp. z o.o. S.K.A.,

Fine. I have verified tasks and everything looks ok. Please issue an invoice.

Dmitry Katson NavDesign CEO,

I am absolutely pleased with the task performance. Your developers are mindful professionals ready to tackle the most complicated projects. I am aware how difficult it is to maintain adequate quality together with prompt timescales and reasonable cost of work. You do that perfectly well!

Vladlena Zelenina Head of the department Automation Business Process, ProfMedia Business Solutions,

We started to work with Neti in late 2013. During his work for himself noted an interesting fact: our quality and satisfaction increased and decreased cost of maintenance. Why have increased our satisfaction? Consultants Neti proactive themselves offer a solution and test quality. Professionals is always a pleasure to work with each other. Because we need to have no problems. And they are not.

Sergei Fedunetz Director of information technology "Sveza-Les" LLC,

A difficult task has fallen to Neti developers’ lot: it was necessary to get insight into an actual application logic and with the help of our company’s experts to standardize the code without loosing the data and without the running processes interruption. For 10 months of cooperation Neti has solved more than 150 tasks that were important for business. During this period a number of involved developers has grown from 1 to 4. 

Mikhail Andreev CEO Amand,

In a short time you had to do a large amount of improvements Dynamics 365. Your help was very appropriate, greatly helped.

Alexei Bartels Managing Partner, New Dimension,

Dynamics NAV Developers - slightly scarce specialists in the labor market.
We can always find an experienced developers at reasonable prices in "Neti".
We have been cooperating over a year and very satisfied.

Jaroslav Aleynik Director General of ICC OMEGA,

Colleagues from Neti proven true specialists in the field of development on the managed form. We noted a high rate of problem solving and excellent quality of the code.

Developers Neti - are professionals in their field, who are always ready to help!

Vasily Marchenko Head of CRM-systems of the CMD-Soft,

The experience of joint development with the company Neti showed that they are efficient, reliable and flexible partner that can compromise and work as a team, a feature of the company's employees is a high qualification and ability to solve difficult problems in a very limited time period.

Sergei Mazurkin Opinion leader community,

Of all the decisions that were viewed by me, the decision of Neti to integrate the  AX and 1C - the most technically advanced.

Alexei Bulatov General Director of "Fortex",

The company "Fortex" is grateful  Neti for the level of competence, responsiveness and quality of work performed. This company is a reliable partner in the project area 1C, for which there are not problems to be solved.

Zverev Konstantin Germanovich Director of Information Technology Department of CJSC "PAI",

Neti really helps out with a deficit of its own programmers. Quickly and at any time respond to any, even minor requests and advice. Always connected, that is good news.

On a professional level, to integrate with access control system (ACS). Have taken on a large amount of work on the development of management reports.

Constantin Savergin General Director of iSolution,

Strong developers is great. It's nice that a lot of them Neti for all modules Axapta. But the real eye-opener for us were ready solutions Neti, which we actively use on projects. I especially want to mention integration module Dynamics 365 with 1C, which greatly speeds up the start of projects.

Evgeny Nikitin The head of the project office of "Intelkom",

The company "Intelkom" said Neti not only as a competent company capable of solving the task of developing the platform 1C, whose assistance may be needed to solve large-scale problems in promotional projects, but first and foremost as a reliable and trusted partner!

Oleg Reshetnikov Head of IT department of JSC "RASSTAL",

Jointly developed a solution for barcode AX2009.

Received two big pluses: on-line reading of barcodes and barcode universal mechanism for the entire process chain (material, personnel, equipment, manufacturing operations, the finished product).

Lev Kargashinsky Head of Corporate Information Systems Management of IT Ltd – Pronto-Moscow,

"A modern approach to supporting Microsoft Dynamics AX, coupled with high skills and moderate pricing allowed us to implement ideas and complete tasks that had been accumulating over the past few years. Thank you."

Ilya Dubkov Deputy General Director of TRUCK CENTER KAZAN,

Neti's excellent communication skills and project management ensured our satisfaction as a customer and the work they did for us (a saes funnel and SMS-mailer) created many new opportunities for our business.

The Truck Center of Kazan is highly thankful for the support of Neti’s specialists in the successful processing, implementation and support of our new Microsoft Dynamics AX management systems."

Dmitry Kholopov General Director of PMU RT – National Information Centre for the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan,

Thanks to Neti for their work on our farms database.

Alexander Kuzmin Head of Development and Automation of Business Processes ABI PRODUCT,

"Our rapidly growing company has acquired a reliable partner in the development of Dynamics AX (Axapta) through Neti. All the Neti programmers who worked with us were well aware of the functions and uses of Dynamics 365. They delivered jobs quickly and efficiently."

Rakhmatullin Ildar Finance Director UIA FC "Rubin",

"Neti provided the highest-quality maintenance of our systems. Their work was efficient, stable and did not interrupt the operation of our company in any way. Rubin expresses gratitude to Neti for participating in introduction of our new corporate systems and the sensitive approach they used towards us as a customer – great service.

We have seen from experience that the introduction of our company has been possible only through the years of experience of Neti experts in the field, and their professionalism."

Duplina Tatiana Head of FDO "MPO I.Rumyantsev",

The programmers with whom we worked had plenty of programming experience, a high capacity for work, great care and attention to detail and always delivered on time.

We have been working with Neti since June 2012 and their workforce continues to be well-trained, responsible, considerate, friendly and professional. Decision-making during the development was made easy by Neti's communication and thorough coordination – and everything was rolled out quickly and competently.

Vadim V. Vedernikov Head of Corporate Management Systems "Agency of Information Technologies" Group "MCFR consulting",

We found Neti's developer rankings extremely useful when it came to delivering our project on budget. Choosing a programmer with the necessary skills and at a price that suited us made a tremendous difference.

Oleg Silchenko Executive Director of "ServisMontazhIntegratsiya",

We highly appreciate the quality of work done by Neti and would readily recommend them as a professional and reliable business partner in the field of ERP solutions.

Thank you Neti for the high quality support of our corporate information system on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.